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Our Favourite Retro Toys For a New Generation

Our Favourite Retro Toys For a New Generation

Take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood with our brand new range of Schylling vintage toys. Children of today can enjoy playing with retro kids toys as much as children in the past did.

What Are Retro Toys?

vintage toy cars

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

A retro toy is a classic children’s toy from a bygone era or period of time. Retro toys, also known as vintage toys, are less than 100 years old but older than 20 years old. Often, retro toys evoke nostalgic, happy childhood memories as they are from the “good old days”.

What Are The Most Valuable Retro Toys?

vintage barbie and ken

Photo by Tara Winstead

Have you ever wondered what the most valuable toys from your childhood are worth today? We’ve got the answers for you (now, go and raid your parents’ attics)...

  • Original Monopoly Game - The original Monopoly game can be worth a fortune. The creator of Monopoly sold his hand-drawn and hand-painted version from 1933 for $146,500 (£117,068) at auction.
  • Pokémon Cards - Pokémon was popular as far back as the 1960s and some of the original cards can sell for an absolute fortune. A Japanese Pikachu illustrator card was sold on eBay for a mega $100,000 (£79,910).
  • Vintage Barbies - Barbies can be quite hit and miss as there are so many, but the limited-edition ones can be a hit. A limited-edition 1959 Barbie last sold for $23,000 (£18,379) at auction.
  • Action Comics 1 - The first-ever edition of the comic book series, Action Comics, fetched an eye-watering $3.2 million (£2,557,120) at a 2014 auction as it was said to be the “finest quality copy in the world”!

Our Favourite Schylling Vintage Toys

Lunar Launcher

lunar launcher

Soaring up to 65 feet, the retro Lunar Launcher is a classic space launcher that shoots three soft plastic disks across the air. To work it, snap the spinning disk to the launcher, wind it up, and pull the trigger. A fun way to take a trip back to simpler times.


tin kazoo

Mini musicians can create their own music or put together a band with a Classic Tin Kazoo. The Kazoo is available in either red or blue and has bright yellow star detailing for a fun touch. Did you know that the kazoo originated in Africa and was re-invented as a musical instrument in the USA during the 1840s?

Spinning Tops

tin spinning top

Spinning top toys are a toy box staple! These Little Tin Tops have vibrant colours and vintage patterns. To get them going, pump the handle and watch them spin as they hum a nostalgic tune. The perfect retro birthday gift or stocking filler for Christmas!

Jack in the Box

jack in the box

Who remembers owning a Jack in the Box? This award-winning Jack in the Box plays the nostalgic Pop Goes the Weasel tune urn the handle to hear a fun song and POP! An adorable plush figure pop’s out! Push them back in and close the lid to start the fun again. Plays Pop Goes the Weasel.

Wooden Stacking Toy Robots

wooden stacking toy robots

Which bot will make it to the top? Stack and build the colourful Wooden Robots on top of each other to create a giant tower or wave of robots. A unique way to channel children’s creativity, balance, skill and imagination.

Tin Toy Telescope

tin toy telescope

This Tin Telescope is awaiting a swashbuckling adventure! With an extendable arm that reaches 25.4cm, it’s ideal for spying on enemy pirate ships, scary sharks and searching for buried treasure. Mini pirates can re-enact their favourite pirate tales and movie scenes in real life!

Shark Hand Puppet

shark hand puppet

Here comes the menacing shark! Crafted from on-toxic latex-free rubber, this scary Shark Hand Puppet is excited to take part in a puppet performance. A gift for shark lovers, it is also a helpful teaching tool in the classroom to teach kids about the marine world. One size fits most.

Tin Drum

tin toy drum

Get your marching band ready! The Tin Drum comes with an adjustable strap and two drumsticks so that those little drummers will never miss a beat. When a beat is played, colourful balls bounce up and down inside the drum. Features a striking red, white and blue colourway with yellow star accents.


A 1960s inspired stress ball, NeeDoh is the TikTok famous groovy glob that is a favourite amongst kids everywhere. The ultimate fidget toy, it is available in five bright shades. Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material, it always bounces back to its original shape. It can be squished, squashed, pulled and smushed and is ideal for helping kids focus and pay attention.

Where Can I Buy Retro Toys?

Shop the entire Schylling retro toys collection here!

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