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15 Classic Toys & Nostalgic Gift Ideas

15 Classic Toys & Nostalgic Gift Ideas

Whilst today’s children may be obsessed with the latest smartphones, laptops and games consoles, for us grown-ups who grew up in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, there’s nothing more exciting than giving our kids the same retro toys we once played with.

If you’re on the hunt for a timeless toy that will put a smile on any child’s face, explore our classic toys and nostalgic gift ideas below. You heard it here first - classic toys are making a comeback!

What Makes a Classic Toy?

A classic toy is a variety of things; it can be literally a ‘classic', a generational toy that is still manufactured decades later, or it’s simply a toy that remains intact over many years. Classic toys include jack in the boxes, yo-yos, kaleidoscopes, spinning tops and wooden train sets.

15 Classic & Retro Toys Your Child Needs

1. Jester Jack in the Box

jack in the box

Turn the handle to get the “Pop Goes The Weasel” tune going and watch in delight as a friendly jester pops out of the box! Made from traditional tin, this colourful award-winning Jack in the Box has a vibrant retro circus design. Suitable for little ones aged 18 months and above.

2. Jacks

jacks game

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Jacks Game! Throw the red ball in the air, collect the jacks and catch the ball after it bounces. The first player to get to the tenth round is the winner. A fun way to develop fine motor skills and dexterity. It makes a fantastic stocking filler, too.

3. Tin Kaleidoscope

tin kaleidoscope toy

Twist the Tin Kaleidoscope to see the mosaic colour explosions come to life. Peer through the lens and watch amazing patterns unfold. A true toy box staple, it is made from sturdy tin and has a vintage primary colour design. A great gift or party favour.

4. Rose Cottage

rose cottage dolls house

Is there anything more nostalgic than a wooden dolls house? Our award-winning Heritage Rose Cottage comes with 18 beautiful pieces of doll house furniture and features a lift-back roof with loft access and colourful rooms. With two storeys to play with, there’s plenty of room for imaginative play.

5. Kazoos

tin kazoo

Hum a tune with a Kazoo! What will you play? Available in red or blue with yellow stars, the sound of a hum vibrates against the wax paper inside of it. A simple yet super fun musical instrument. It comes in a retro-style box - the perfect stocking filler. Shop Now

6. Spy Glasses

kids spy glasses

James Bond has got some stiff competition thanks to these Super Spy Glasses! The ideal spy gadget, the mirrored lenses on the inside edges allow mini spies to see both forwards and backwards at the same time. Grown-ups aren’t going to know how they do it! Shop Now

7. Tin Music Boxes

tin music box

Did you ever have a Tin Music Box? Little hands can twist the handle to play a tune. With four different colours and styles available, the sturdy tin material can endure lots of enthusiastic play sessions. No batteries or electronic components either, which makes it even better. Shop Now

8. Retro Vehicle Set

retro toy cars

Zoom around in style with the Tidlo Retro Vehicle Set. Features a vintage red racing Mini, a blue VW Beetle, a grey Rolls Royce, a green Land Rover and a blue VW Camper Van. Made from smooth wood, there are no sharp edges. A must-have for mini car enthusiasts.

9. Wooden Rattle

fsc certified wooden rattle

Suitable from birth, our FSC Certified Wooden Rattle is made from sustainably harvested wood from FSC certified forests. It is painted in six child-friendly colours and has a shiny bell in the centre that jingles when the rattle is shaken or rolled. It’s tough enough to roll across a range of different surfaces, but gentle enough for little fingers to grab.

10. Lunar Launcher

lunar launcher

A classic space launcher, the Lunar Launcher can shoot disks over 65 feet! To get it going, snap a disk to the launcher, wind it up, and pull the trigger. A fantastic retro toy, it is the ideal way to recapture the happiness of childhood.

11. Biscuit Box

wooden biscuit box

Full of yummy wooden play food biscuits, it’s no wonder our Biscuit Box is a bestseller! It includes an assortment of family favourites such as party rings, gingerbread men, custard creams, pink wafers and much more. Pair with our Play Shop for double the pretend play fun.

12. Glow in the Dark NeeDoh

glow in the dark needoh

Who remembers glow in the dark stars on their bedroom ceiling? Well, this groovy Glow in the Dark NeeDoh is even better. Squeeze it, squish it, pull it or pop it during the dark nights. NeeDoh is made from a safe, dough-like material that always returns to its original shape after being played with.

13. Squadron Racers

foam glider planes

Squad, assemble! These vintage-style foam planes can be customised with stickers and marker pens before going to battle in the air. Who will fly their plane the furthest? It also comes with four target sheets for added accuracy.

14. Tin Yo-Yos

tin yo-yos

Watch as the Tin Yo-Yo glides up and down the string. Available in six different vintage-inspired styles, its small size is ideal for little hands to play with. Made from tin, these yo-yos are weighted so that they can provide hours of fun.

15. Spinning Tops

spinning tops

Who remembers these? A very nostalgic toy, Spinning Tops hum as they spin. Pump the handle to see the tin top move. With three colours and styles available, tin tops make a lovely retro birthday or Christmas gift for kids.

What Are Your Favourite Retro Toys?

We’d love to hear memories from your childhood, what retro toys did you play with?

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