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Toy Safety

Why Is Toy Safety Important?

Toys must be manufactured to meet, fulfil and exceed particular criteria ensuring that when imported and placed on the market, they uphold the safety standard. Consumers can then buy in the knowledge that certain conditions have been met. Here at Bigjigs Toys, we are serious about product safety testing and play value. We want kids to learn through play, and be safe when doing so. 

This is why our products exceed the BS EN71 toy safety standards and are only ever coloured using child-safe paints and lacquers. Bigjigs Toys products are lovingly designed in Britain by our talented designers who work hard to include as much play and educational value in each and every toy as possible.

BS EN 71 Toy Safety Regulations

All toys sold within the UK must comply with the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011. The British Standard BS EN 71 is a piece of the legislation that helps protect consumers; it explains how manufacturers should meet the toy safety standards through rigorous testing and displaying relevant safety warnings on every product. All Bigjigs Toys products meet and exceed EN71 and UKCA toy safety testing standards.

ASTM Standards (F963)

Formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM is an international standards organisation. Since 1986, ASTM’s Toy Safety Standard (F963) has been seen as the ‘gold standard’ for toy safety. All toys in the USA must meet the F963’s safety requirements in line with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA). Bigjigs Toys products are compliant with ASTM F963.

Toy Safety Symbols, Labels & Warnings

There are a few toy safety symbols to look out for, including:

CE Mark

CE mark

Previously, all toys on sale in the UK had to have the CE Mark. Following Brexit, Great Britain has its own version of the CE Mark which is the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking.


UKCA mark

The UKCA Mark covers goods in Great Britain that previously required the CE marking. The UKCA toy safety symbol shows that the manufacturer has officially declared the toy as safe as it has met the safety requirements. All Bigjigs Toys products sold within Great Britain will now have the UKCA Mark but all Bigjoys Toys products sold within the EU will still carry the original CE Mark.

BTHA Lion Mark

BHTA lion mark

The British Toy and Hobby Association’s (BTHA) Lion Mark indicates the manufacturer is a BTHA trade association member and has met their code of practice as well as the legal BS EN 71 safety requirements. All Bigjigs Toys products have the Lion Mark on them.

Not Suitable For Under 3 Years Old

Toddlers and babies are known for wanting to put anything and everything into their little mouths, which is why some toys are age-restricted. Toys that are unsuitable for children under 3 years old must have a warning added to the packaging. For example ‘Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years’ alongside an indication of the risks e.g. choking on small parts. All Bigjigs Toys products are clearly labelled with the relevant age-appropriate labels.

How Do We Make Bigjigs Toys Products Safe?

From the design stage all the way to the shelf, Bigjigs Toys products are evaluated and risk assessed at every step of the way. Our products are subject to vigorous testing in accredited laboratories and compliant with the relevant standard to make sure they’re safe for kids to play with.

Bigjigs Toys products all meet BS EN71 requirements and have the UKCA Mark (UK), CE Mark (EU), and Lion Mark proudly stamped onto them. Our products also comply with UK REACH & EU REACH regulations which means they are free from Phthalates, Cadmium, AZO Dyes,  BPA, PAH etc. We use child-friendly paints and lacquers too. 

Bigjigs Toys Safety Guidance

Safety guidance features prominently on our packaging because we know consumers need to be assured we have considered all aspects of use in the design process. Our boxes come with safety flashes to give the consumer reassurance and quality assurance. Compliance warnings, cleaning instructions, and recycling advice can also be found on the base or back of Bigjigs Toys’ packaging.

Toy and Child Safety Tips

  • Make sure the toys are suitable for your child’s age. Children develop at different rates and may require parental supervision when playing with toys in advance of their years
  • Regularly check toys to make sure they haven’t become worn and unsafe. If they are now a risk, you can get them properly repaired, replaced, or you can dispose of them
  • Avoid loose ribbons, long neckties, and detachable cords
  • Always follow instructions and safety warnings 
  • Report any safety issues to the manufacturer or retailers

Wooden Toy Care

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