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Grab Your Pens For National Writing Day

Grab Your Pens For National Writing Day

Writing is regarded as one of the best inventions by humans, dating back to around 3,300BC. Studies show that whilst reading develops children’s writing skills, writing helps develop their cognitive development, organisational abilities and powers of persuasion. So, on National Writing Day, challenge your young wordsmith to write!

What Is National Writing Day?

girl writing

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

National Writing Day is a yearly celebration of creative writing for young people championed by an array of literacy organisations and led by First Story. This year, National Writing Day is taking place on Thursday 23rd June.

Benefits Of Children’s Creative Writing


Sometimes, kids can have difficulty expressing themselves and understanding their emotions. Writing can create a safe place for children to channel their feelings and self-expression.


Creative writing encourages children to express their creativity and channel their imagination. Imaginative thinking improves their thought processes, including problem-solving and analytical thinking.

Communication and Persuasion

A well-written piece of writing has a lot of planning, thought and organisation behind it in order for young writers to get their point across. Encourage your children to use their imagination and praise them for their efforts - you can even “publish” their stories by printing out various copies for family members to read.

Research by the National Literacy Trust also found that…

  • 2 in 5 young people enjoyed writing in their spare times
  • Kids who write for fun tend to have better writing skills
  • Children who enjoy writing have better mental wellbeing
  • Lockdown had a positive effect on writing, with 1 in 6 children and young people saying they enjoyed writing more during lockdown than they had before

National Writing Day Tools

tiger tribe writing set

A writer needs their stationery! Did you know that we have a dynamic range of writing toys and stationery? Here are our top picks to get your young author on their way to a literary prize (almost).

Scented Marker Pens

Make your story smell as good as it looks! These fluorescent Scented Marker Pens feature super-sweet scents such as grape, banana, chocolate, strawberry and more. Water-soluble, these colouring pens leave no mess or stain. Use them to bring some colour to stories or to bring illustrations to life.

The Lovely Book of Lettering

Ideal for creating the front cover of their book, The Lovely Book of Lettering is packed with stencils, pens and pencils to help kids create letters, fonts and embellishments. The included colouring book has everything mini designers need to create their perfect font.

Learn To Write Puzzle

Ideal for tots aged 3 years and up, our Learn To Write puzzle teaches kids about the alphabet. Each of the letters is recessed into the wooden baseboard and are different colours. There are also printed arrows inside each letter to make it easy for little hands to follow the shape.

Lockable Diary

Children can practise their writing skills by detailing their secret thoughts in the Lockable Secret Diary. Kids will be inspired to fill out each page with their secret thoughts, memories and drawings. Keep it safe from prying eyes with the padlock and key.

Junior Reporter Sammi Lottie Doll

Need a writing companion to watch over your work? Sammi, the Junior Reporter Lottie Doll, writes for the Branksea School News and looks just the part with her notepad, pen and school newspaper. Sammi is on hand to supervise aspiring writers and help them come up with genius ideas to make a fantastic story.

Don't Forget The Illustrations

Bring your stories to life with some illustrations! Take your pick from our National Writing Day colouring sheets.

Good luck with your stories!

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