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Father's Day Activities for Dads & Kids

Father's Day Activities for Dads & Kids

Father’s Day is nearly here! Dads around the UK are celebrated on the third Sunday of every June. A day to celebrate the special male role models in many children’s lives, check out our top activities for Dads and Kids.

What date is Father’s Day?

father's day 2022

Grab your diaries! This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 19th June 2022.

Read A Story

dad and daughter reading

Whether it’s at bedtime or during the day, bond with your little one over a story. An Australian study found that Dads who read to their kids aged two had better language skills at age four. Research from the study found that Dads are more likely to help children split their reading into small sections so that kids can better understand what they’re reading.

Reading to your child only strengthens your bond as you share laughs over the plot and pour over the vibrant illustrations. Reading to kids further develops listening skills, expands vocabulary, and enhances cognitive and language development.

Make A Cardboard Castle

cardboard castle

Make a cardboard castle or fort - without the need for scissors or sticky tape! Make sure you have some big bits of cardboard on hand and grab a Makedo - Discover kit to bring your cardboard castle or fort to life.

A construction toy for kids aged 5 years and above, Makedo is the perfect tool kit to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Use the Safe-Saw to cut the cardboard, the Scrus to keep the castle standing upright, and the Mini-Tools for working as a team. And voila, you have a freestanding cardboard castle. The only thing left to do now is to have a Knights and Princesses battle!

Wash The Car

silicone bucket

There’s no need to go all out with expensive car wash gear as you can find everything at home. Grab an old pair of (clean) socks, a bucket filled with warm water and car soap.

Next, get your kids to put a sock over their hands, soak it in the water and start scrubbing. The socks are gentle enough to clean the car without scratching the paint. Not only is cleaning the car fun, but it’s an enjoyable sensory experience.

If you don’t have any fancy car wash soap, dish soap works just as well. As it’s made to degrease and clean, it’s a much cheaper alternative that can be found in your home.

Complete A Jigsaw Puzzle

floor puzzle

A family favourite, piece together the colourful scenes with a floor puzzle! There’s something for every child’s interests, from space, dinosaurs and construction to wild animals and food. We recommend our Under The Sea puzzle. With 48 chunky pieces, piece together the underwater scene packed with tropical fish, buried treasure, sharks, a scuba diver and much more.

There’s also our circular 50-piece Solar System puzzle which teaches little learners everything they need to know about the universe, with all the different planets and star constellations.

Help With A Chore

kid doing chores

Chores help teach kids about responsibility, receive praise for their efforts, and feel like they are doing a good thing. Some suitable age-appropriate chores include

  • Putting toys away
  • Dusting
  • Putting clothes in the wash bin
  • Making the bed
  • Clearing tables
  • Watering flowers
  • Helping make packed lunches
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Loading the dishwasher

Play Frisbee

silicone frisbee

Practice your throwing and catching skills with a good old game of frisbee. Playing frisbee enhances children’s agility, endurance and sprinting skills. Made from super bendy silicone, our Flexible Flyers zoom seamlessly through the air and are easy for little hands to catch and throw. The flexible silicone can be rolled, flexed, and bounced back without losing shape. Available in 12 different colours.

Dance Like No-One’s Watching

dad dancing

Put on your dancing shoes and turn up the music. Dancing is a great way to burn off youngsters’ energy and have some fun listening to your favourite tunes, making up incredible dance moves and having an overall blast.

Play A Board Game

tic tac toe

There’s nothing like good old-fashioned board game fun! See who’s the winner of a game of Noughts and Crosses, or challenge a little strategic thinker to a game of Mini Solitaire. Board games are timeless and our selection will be familiar from many Dads’ childhoods!

Board games help combine learning with play and encourage a bit of healthy competition. Kids will develop their critical thinking, concentration and strategy skills when playing their favourite board games.

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