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Baby Musical Instruments

A family jam session awaits with our colourful collection of baby musical instruments! Pocket-sized prodigies could start a one-man band with our 14-piece kids instruments set, or shake it off with some mini maracas. We have baby instruments for all musical tastes and abilities, from retro kazoos and animal tambourines to wooden castanets, bells, whistles, rainmakers and more.

Musical toys for babies help to strengthen young tots’ grasping skills and dexterity as they learn how to pick up, hold and rattle their instruments. Listening to and exploring new sounds is also fantastic for babies’ cognitive and sensory development. Shop our collection by age.


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Snazzy Xylophone 11 Reviews
Save 40%
Twist Drum 3 Reviews
£6.59 £10.99
Out of Stock
Rainmaker 1 review
Rainbow Drum 3 reviews
Out of Stock
2 in stock
Bell Stick (Red) 2 reviews
Hand Shaker (Pk 2 Bird) 1 Review
8 in stock
Maracas 2 Reviews
Shape Shakers 1 Review
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