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Why Pull Along Toys Are Great For Toddlers

Why Pull Along Toys Are Great For Toddlers

Pull up a chair for an insightful read as we talk all things pull along toys! Learn everything from the benefits of these traditional toys to the recommended age range for play, and check out some of our best push and pull along toys to see which one is right for your tottering toddler. 

Pull Along Toys For Toddlers

Get to know what all the fuss is about with our short guide, revealing the reasons why the nostalgic wooden pull along toy has been a playroom hit for decades. 

Little girl walking with pull along duck

What is a pull along toy?

A pull along toy is a toy that can be pulled from place to place on wheels. They usually feature a long pull-cord or wooden handle for toddlers to grip onto and haul the toy as they walk. Some pull along toys will include added features, such as percussion sounds, to engage youngsters and motivate them to take their first steps. 

What is a push along toy?

Put simply, a push along is a toy on wheels that’s designed to be pushed along the floor. There are different types of push along toys. There are those with a long wooden handle to aid balance, those with a cut-out handle on the push along itself (great for crawling babies), and then you have the larger baby walkers and push along carts. 

What age are pull along toys for?

Most wooden pull along toys are suitable for babies and toddlers from the ages of 12-18 months, but all children develop at their own pace. They will learn how to push first, which usually happens at around 9-11 months, so toys like push along vehicles, animals on wheels, and wooden walkers are a good place to start. 

Toddler playing with wooden push along toys 

Are pull along toys good for babies?

Believed to trace back hundreds of years, the pull along toy is a childhood classic that has never gone out of style. It might look quite simple compared to all the flashy gadgets and gizmos on the toy shelves today, but this modest wooden toy has heaps of benefits for a young child’s development. We have picked out 10 benefits to give you a better idea:

1. Enhances muscle development

2. Strengthens grasp

3. Builds fine and gross motor skills

4. Improves hand-eye coordination

5. Aids balance

6. Betters spatial awareness

7. Teaches cause and effect

8. Fosters problem-solving abilities

9. Boosts confidence

10. Encourages independence

Best Push & Pull Along Toys

Browse some of our favourite push and pull along toys to find the right one for your toddler.

Pull Along Wooden Toys 

Brick Pull Along Cart: Stack up the colourful shapes or sort them into the Wooden Brick Cart and pull on the cord for playtime on the move! Packed with 30 play pieces, our pull along wagon for toddlers is made from ethically-sourced FSC® Certified wood and will look beautiful in your child’s nursery or playroom. 

Pull Along Bunny & Baby: Go on an adventure with our FSC® Certified Pull Along Bunny. Nesting inside the mummy rabbit’s tummy is her baby bunny. They can be pulled along together using the grey pull-cord or you can push and pull them individually, giving kids the hop-portunity to decide for themselves!  

Pull Along Cat: Little cat purr-son in the family? They’ll go wild for our Cat Pull Along Toy, featuring bold red wheels and a friendly face. The smooth wooden body has been designed with elasticated joints so the cat can wiggle around corners easily, and its tail is on a wobbly spring for added play value. 

Pull Along Fox: Our fur-iendly Pull Along Fox has an eye-catching orange coat and adorable facial features to charm any tot! The robust pull along cord and elasticated joints mean this sneaky fox can dart around bends and corners in a flash. 

Pull Along Toy Fox

Pull Along Train: A pull along for tiny rail enthusiasts, our 28-piece Wooden Pull Along Train comes with a brightly coloured assortment of shapes which can be stacked onto the poles on the three train carriages. When the train is ready to leave the station, kids can pull it along to the next stop using the red cord.

Push Along Wooden Toys 

Push Along Duck: Kids will quack up watching this Push Along Duck speed along with its feet flapping on the floor! The easy-to-grip wooden handle is made for little hands and the sturdy wheels are designed for both indoors and outdoors. 

Girl playing with Push Along Toy Duck

Push Along Musical Roller: Feel the rhythm and move those feet with our Push Along Musical Roller, made from sustainable FSC® Certified wood. As your littlen pushes the roller, they can listen to the gentle tinkling bell swinging around inside the wooden bars. 

Push Along Elephant Bead Frame: A ‘multi-tusking’ elephant! This 2-in-1 Elephant Push Along Toy and bead frame is not only great for aiding your toddler’s motor development, but the beads also help to teach them basic counting skills

Push Along Walker: A baby walker and activity centre in one! Our Simply Scandi Wooden Baby Walker has been sustainably made with FSC® Certified wood. It features a shape sorter, spinning cogs, follow-the-path puzzles, a revolving mirror and more. 

Boy using Push Along Walker in playroom

Push Along Dinosaur: Help your youngster get on the move with our dino-mite Push Along T-Rex. Like our Push Along Duck, the T-Rex comes with a long wooden handle for tots to push and pull around, watching the dinosaur’s feet flap as they go. 

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