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Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Railway

Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Railway

To celebrate the launch of our new wooden railway toys, we have created a short guide so you can learn more about the benefits of train play and decide which wooden train toy is best for your little rail enthusiast!

Wooden Railway: Your Questions Answered

If you’re thinking about treating your toddler to their very first train set or would simply like to know if train toys are really worth it, let us help with our most frequently asked questions - answered!

Why do kids like toy trains?

Wooden trains are timeless toys that have lasted through modern-day technology and instant on-screen entertainment, and they continue to captivate kids all over the world. 

Toy trains are perfect for independent play, but they're also a fun family activity. Parents often enjoy taking part just as much as their kids! Wooden toy trains have endless play possibilities; they inspire youngsters to create their own narratives and think outside the box. Railway play is also incredibly diverse, and you can find themed train sets and wooden train accessories to suit any interests.

Girl playing with Woodland Animal Train Set

Bigjigs Rail has some super exciting ranges, including our new sustainably-made FSC® Certified Woodland Animal Train Set, featuring an eco-friendly wooden train, two carriages, forest creatures, a bakery, café, magical toadstools and trees. Other favourites include our Fairy Train Set, Dinosaur Railway Set, and Farm Train Set - to name a few. It's easy to expand your set, and new accessories make great birthday and Christmas gifts.

Which toy train set is best?

All of our train sets offer different tracks and accessories to suit your needs. If you're unsure where to start, a simple set like our Figure of Eight Train Set is a great beginner's wooden train set. This will give you a foundation to build on for years to come. Alternatively, one of Bigjigs Rail’s biggest best-sellers is the Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set, which comes with a pink train and carriages, wooden fairy figures, trees, cottages and more! 

What age is a train set for?

Train sets are best suited to children aged three years and above, as most train sets come with small wooden pieces which can be choking hazards for toddlers younger than three. 

Why are train sets good for children?

Your littlen’s wooden railway set is much more than a fun toy! It can teach them valuable lessons and help them reach their developmental milestones. Some of the skills kids can learn from their train toys include:

  • Improved dexterity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Motor skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Storytelling
  • Language & communication
  • Mindfulness
  • Social skills & teamwork

Little boy playing with My First Train Set

What are the best train toy accessories?

Wooden train accessories give children the chance to tailor their train set and add interactive elements to their rail network. At Bigjigs Rail, kids can choo-choose from a realistic Railway Station, Pirate Galleon, T-Rex Bursting Bridge, Country Windmill, Pixie Treehouse, Shark Attack Track and much more. 

New to the collection this year includes our stunning Swan Tunnel, featuring pretty pink wings that lift up to let trains through. We also have a ‘ferry’ impressive Train Ferry, with an access ramp for trains to board and disembark. Then there’s our natural wood Curved Tunnel, ideal for adding more twists and turns to your tot’s train set. 

Swan Tunnel with toy train running through it

Which wooden train tracks are compatible?

All of Bigjigs Rail’s wooden train sets and wooden train track accessories are compatible with most other major wooden railway brands such as Brio, Thomas & Friends, IKEA, and more.

How do you build a wooden train track layout?

There are no rules to building a wooden train track, just grab your pieces and get creative! Adding a few track expansion accessories can completely transform your railway network. Try our 4-Way Turntable, Crossover, or Track Splitter to take your track to the next level.

4 Way Turntable with train toys

How do you clean wooden train tracks?

Wooden tracks are easy-peasy to clean. All they need is a quick wipe-down with a damp, soft cloth. Don't drench the cloth in too much water as this can spoil the wood, and stay clear of dishwashers and harsh scrubbing pads as these can damage the wood, too.

Will a wooden train set fit on my table?

Every train set and track layout is different, so it's impossible to say the exact dimensions, but the great thing about rail is it's fully customisable. You can take any train set and build your own layout to suit your space and needs. If you like the idea of a designated space for your child’s train set, check out our themed Train Tables, set at the perfect height for your tiny train conductor! 

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