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Lottie Dolls: 7 Alternative Barbies To Inspire Girls & Boys

Lottie Dolls: 7 Alternative Barbies To Inspire Girls & Boys

The new Barbie film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has sparked excitement around the world with kids and grown-ups counting down the days until they can go and watch it. But all the buzz around the much-anticipated Barbie movie has got us thinking.

Barbie has been a somewhat controversial plaything since she burst onto the toy scene in 1959, and the debate on whether she’s a good or bad role model for kids still continues to this day. That said, Barbie has progressed over the years with the launch of more diverse body types and skin tones, but is there a better alternative to Barbie out there? Perhaps in the form of a more realistic doll based on real kids? Have a read and see what you think.

Barbie Toys Vs Lottie Dolls

We take a closer look at the iconic Barbie Girl and explore how Barbie alternative Lottie Dolls differ, to help you decide which one is right for your playful toddler. 

What are some fun facts about Barbie?

1. Barbie was born on 9th March 1959

2. Barbie was designed by an American businesswoman and a rocket scientist

3. Barbara Millicent Roberts is Barbie’s full name; she was named after the creator’s daughter

4. There are 176 different Barbies available on the market today

5. It’s estimated that 3 Barbies are sold every second

6. Barbie comes in 4 body shapes: original, petite, tall and curvy

Barbie Doll with Be Yourself t-shirt on

7. Barbie has had more than 200 careers! Her lengthy CV covers everything from rapping to rock climbing

8. The late Queen Elizabeth II even got her own Barbie Doll, dressed in an ivory gown and a crown

9. Barbie got her own home, the Dreamhouse, in 1962, before a lot of single women in real life actually could (most women back then needed a man to co-sign mortgage documents)

10. Barbie is a worldwide traveller and has been sold in more than 150 countries around the globe

What are some fun facts about Lottie Dolls?

1. Lottie was born in August 2012

2. Lottie launched its first boy doll in 2013 to inspire and relate to real-life boys

3. Lottie Dolls are based on the average body proportions of a 9-year-old child, rather than an adult

4. Lottie Dolls are inspired by real kids, such as coding extraordinaire Aoibheann and youth activist Mari

5. Lottie Doll Mia became the world’s first fashion doll to wear a cochlear implant for hearing

6. Lottie Dolls have interesting hobbies, from fossil hunting to football and photography

7. Lottie Dolls have been developed with the help of academics, psychologists, and child development specialists

8. Stargazer Lottie was the first doll to go to space!

9. Lottie has won 35 international awards

10. Lottie celebrates diversity and inclusivity with dolls such as Loyal Companion Finn who has autism and Rosie Boo who has Downs Syndrome 

What are the positives of Barbie?

Barbie Doll toys are perfect for open-ended role play, which helps to enlighten youngsters and give them a greater understanding of the big wide world around them. As kids think up new storylines for their dolls to act out, this boosts their creativity, imagination, language skills, communication, and social and emotional development

Children can learn just as much, if not more, from Lottie Dolls, as they are designed with the added touch of realistic child-like body types that are more relatable to young kids. This helps them to not only view their own bodies positively, but also see that they can have aspirational interests and careers just like their Lottie Dolls. 

Girl playing with Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll in the garden

What age group is Barbie aimed at?

The recommended age for a Barbie Doll Set is 3 years, as this is when children typically start to enjoy imaginary play. Most kids will outgrow their dolls by the ages of 9 or 10, but every child is different and they will all move on when they’re ready. Lottie Dolls are also suitable for little girls and boys aged 3 and above. 

What dolls are similar to Barbies?

Lottie Dolls are similar to Barbies in that they offer lots of developmental benefits, are great for kids aged 3+ years, and are loved by children all over the world. But they differ in a few ways

Girl playing with  Kid Activist Lottie Doll

  • Body image: The original Barbie is designed with the body type of a tall, very thin woman, whereas Lottie Dolls are based on the proportions of an average child 
  • Height: Barbie is 30cm tall, while Lottie is 18cm to reflect a more child-like appearance (it also makes them the ideal size for small hands!)
  • Materials: Most of Lottie’s playsets are made from high-quality and durable wood to withstand years of active play, while Barbie’s are typically made out of plastic 
  • Themes: While it has evolved over time, Barbie’s design still tends to focus on fashion and appearance, but with Lottie it’s more about teaching kids to be their authentic selves 

Best Alternative Barbie Dolls

If you’re on the lookout for alternative Barbie toys for toddlers, we’ve got just the thing. We have picked out 7 of our favourite Lottie Dolls who’re ready and waiting to inspire, educate and excite your tiny tots.

Skate Park Lottie Doll

Girl playing with Skate Park Lottie Doll

Heaven is a halfpipe for Skate Park Lottie! This Lottie Doll is kitted out with a leopard-print helmet, elbow and knee pads, and checkered slip-on shoes strapped to her glittery purple skateboard. Skate Park Lottie’s bendable knees give her the freedom to perform some wheely cool tricks, and her soft hair won’t get messed up mid-air as it is made from premium saran nylon (with reduced tangle).

Wildlife Photographer Mia

Girl using a camera with Mia Lottie Doll in her pocket

Passionate nature enthusiast Wildlife Photographer Mia carries her camera everywhere she goes! This Lottie Doll wears a cochlear implant to empower young girls and boys with hearing difficulties. Mia wears a red jacket, ladybird t-shirt, jeans and spotty wellies for trudging through muddy fields and forests in search of birds, bugs and other beautiful living creatures.

Be Kind Lottie Doll

Girl playing with Be Kind Lottie Doll

Teach your tots the value of kindness with Lottie’s Be Kind Doll. Supporting their social and emotional development, this Lottie Doll wants to help children understand that by being kind, bullying can become a thing of the past. Be Kind Lottie is dressed in a denim pinafore and t-shirt with the words ‘Be Kind’ printed on a heart motif, alongside heart leggings and a yellow headband.

Young Inventor Lottie Doll

Girl playing with Young Inventor Lottie Doll and house

Motivate mini makers to get creative with Young Inventor Emily. This crafty Lottie Doll comes with a tool belt equipped with a screwdriver, hammer, wrench, scissors and a torch. She wears a long-sleeve top, denim shorts and work boots, and a yellow hard hat rests atop her curly red hair.

True Hero Lottie Doll

Aoibheann Mangan holding True Hero Lottie Doll with her friend Grace

For children facing a hospital visit, True Hero Lottie might be a helpful way to soothe and comfort them. This Lottie Doll was inspired by the story of 13-year-old Aoibheann Mangan, who taught herself to code an app in support of her friend who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The app shows kids what happens when they go to the hospital, and inside the Lottie Doll box you’ll find a QR code that links you directly to Aoibheann’s app. True Hero Lottie wears a colourful hospital gown, a bright red cape and carries her teddy bear companion.  

Kite Flyer Finn

Kite Flyer Finn Lottie Doll

Reach for the skies with Kite Flyer Finn! This boy doll playset features Lottie Doll Finn, who wears cargo shorts, a star t-shirt, gilet and trainers, and comes carrying a blue and orange kite. If you want to switch up Finn’s outfit and give him another activity for the day, the Cake Bake Lottie Doll Clothes set is a must! It’s packed with baking accessories, including a chef’s hat, apron, recipe book, rolling pin, mixing bowl, cupcakes and more. 

Junior Reporter Sammi

Girl playing with Junior Reporter Sammi Lottie Doll

News just in! Writing for the Brackensea School News, Junior Reporter Sammi is ready to bring her A-game as she covers the annual Brackensea Sports Day. Sammi has her trusty notepad, pen and newspaper stored in her shoulder bag, and comes dressed in a grey hat, yellow gilet, headphone print t-shirt, jeans and red Converse-style trainers. The ultimate doll to inspire budding journalists!

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