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Sensory Toys For Autism: 5 Ways NeeDoh Can Help

Sensory Toys For Autism: 5 Ways NeeDoh Can Help

Kids with autism have to face new and complex challenges every day, whether they struggle with communication, social interactions or emotional literacy - often leading to intense feelings of frustration and upset. One helpful way to ease these feelings is through playful autism sensory toys.

Have a read to discover more about sensory fidget toys and how stress balls like NeeDoh can provide some much-needed relief to children with autism.

What Is A Fidget Toy Used For?

Fidget toys are designed to give children (and adults) an outlet for feelings of nervousness, stress and worry. Studies have shown that they can improve learning by giving kids a tool to help them concentrate and stay calm. Fidget stress toys also help youngsters focus on the present moment by distracting their minds from anxious thoughts.

What Age Are Fidget Toys For?

Fidget toys are fantastic for people of all ages, from toddlers to grown-ups! NeeDoh is recommended for kids aged 3+ years and is perfect for safe, stretchy, sensory fun.

Colour-Changing NeeDoh

Is NeeDoh A Fidget Toy?

Yes! Nee Doh is a best-selling fidget toy and stress ball sensation. As seen on TikTok, these soothing stress balls for kids are silky-soft to the touch and are filled with a non-toxic dough-like material designed to be squished, smushed and squeezed.

Why Are Fidget Toys Good For Autism?

Fidget toys and stress balls give children with autism a calming activity that keeps their minds engaged and little hands busy, while also helping them to self-regulate, stay focused and relieve anxiety. Here are 5 ways NeeDoh can support kids with autism, as well as ADD, ADHD and OCD*.

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness activities like playing with squishy fidget toys are a helpful way to combat stressful thoughts and emotions. Squeezing a stress ball sends a signal to a child’s brain to release tension while helping to focus their attention on the present moment.

And Breathe sign

2. Self-Regulation

Controlling your own emotions and behaviour is a skill that develops as children grow, but for those on the autism spectrum, mastering this can be extremely challenging. Stress toys are excellent self-regulatory tools for youngsters with autism, as they help prevent them from becoming overwhelmed or distracted. When squeezing a stress ball, their hand muscles will repeatedly contract and relax, relieving physical tension as well as mental.

3. Keeps Hands Busy

Some children with autism manage their stress through self-stimulatory behaviours, otherwise known as ‘stimming’. This might include hand movements such as hand flapping or finger flicking. Stimming as a coping mechanism has its positives, but it can also lead to physical injury, so autism fidget toys can give little hands a safe way to release nervous energy.

4. Boosts Concentration

Listening, focusing and paying attention can be incredibly tricky for kids with autism, especially when it involves something that doesn’t interest or excite them. The Nee Doh stress ball is designed to channel fidgeting and give kids the sensory stimulation they crave, which can free their frustrations and help them to concentrate on the task at hand.

5. Manage Anxiety

Littlens with autism are more susceptible to mental health difficulties such as anxiety, and can experience anxious thoughts and feelings more intensely than other kids. Playing with stress balls and sensory toys can provide some relief during anxious episodes and can prevent nervous impulses such as fidgeting, nail-biting and hair-pulling.

Anxiety Mindmap

What Are All The Different Types Of Nee Dohs?

There are more than 25 different types of Nee Doh ball to choose from. These include the Original Nee Doh, Super Nee Doh, Shaggy Nee Doh, Colour Changing Nee Doh, Nee Doh Dohjees, Glow In The Dark Nee Doh, Snow Ball Crunch, Noodlies and the all-new Nee Doh Mac N Squeeze, Nee Doh Donuts and Nee Doh Booper. Plus so much more!

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Teenie NeeDoh

*Please note, the information shared within this article is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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