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Best New Wooden Baby Toys For 2023

Best New Wooden Baby Toys For 2023

Wooden baby toys make the best playthings for so many reasons. They are biodegradable, long-lasting, safe, non-toxic, durable and timeless. Wooden toys also spark curiosity and encourage kids to get creative through open-ended imaginative play. If you’re on the lookout for a charming baby toy, baby shower gift or nursery decor ideas, let us inspire you!

FSC Brick Cart

Simply Scandi Range: Baby Toys 12 Months +

Breaking news! We have extended our award-winning Simply Scandi range to include a bunch of new wooden toys for 1 year olds. These eco friendly toys have all been made with sustainably-harvested FSC® Certified wood and contain zero plastic packaging. Here are a few of our favourites.

Pull Along Toys

Little munchkins will go hopping mad for our new Bunny & Baby Pull Along. It features two wooden toys in one as the baby bunny nests under its mummy’s tummy, so they can be pulled or pushed along together or played with on their own. We also have our new Brick Cart Wooden Pull Along Toy, Bear Pull Along and Fox Pull Along. The Fox has been designed with elastic joints, so it can move around corners and bends easily.

Rainbow Abacus

Brighten up your bambino’s nursery with our eye-catching Rainbow Abacus. This colourful wooden abacus makes a charming nursery decoration and educational toy once they reach toddlerhood. Abacus training teaches kids all-important counting and arithmetic skills and helps to improve their memory, concentration and cognitive thinking. This unique abacus toy features a wooden base, metal arches and 32 food-grade silicone beads.

Rainbow Abacus

Baby Climbing Frame

Taking risks is all part of growing up, and risky play in a safe and controlled environment is super important for early childhood development. Baby climbing toys like our Arched Climbing Frame are ideal for these risky play setups and they have heaps of benefits, from improving confidence and independence to strengthening gross motor skills.

Arched Climbing Frame

Coming soon in 2023…

Wooden Baby Walker

Our new Baby Walker is a push along walker and stacking toy in one! Designed with a sturdy wooden frame and an easy-to-grip handlebar, the walker is fantastic for keeping littlens stable when on the move. Push along walkers also help to improve muscle development, balance and coordination. This eco friendly Baby Walker comes with 25 softly-coloured shapes for stacking and sorting inside the base.

FSC Baby Walker

Baby Activity Table

Activity Tables are all-in-one fun stations that give babies a chance to explore and learn. As well as being a superb source of entertainment, they help tots develop their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities and understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Our new Animal Activity Table is jam-packed with toys for tiny hands, including a bead frame, shape sorter, stacking tree, spinning cogs, fidget toy mushrooms and more. If you have less space in your youngster’s nursery or playroom, our new woodland-themed Table Top Activity Bench is a perfect alternative.

FSC Activity Table

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