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7 Rainy Day Craft Ideas For Kids

7 Rainy Day Craft Ideas For Kids

Spring has nearly sprung, but with April showers on their way, you might be on the lookout for some rainy day inspiration! Arts and crafts activities do wonders for children’s creativity, confidence and mental wellbeing, as they spend time enjoying some mindful, screen-free fun. They give youngsters the freedom to express themselves and get lost in imaginative worlds of their own artistic creation!

Tiger Tribe Craft Sets

What Are Good Craft Ideas For Kids?

Pssst… Tiger Tribe’s brand-new kids craft kits are now in stock (and they’re grrrrrrrrreat!). To celebrate the launch of its roar-some new art sets, we have shared 7 rainy day indoor activities that should keep little paws entertained until the sun pops its hat back on.

1. Try Hand Lettering

Arty tweens can practise their lettering, typography and calligraphy skills using this snazzy Hand Lettering Craft Set. Open up the handy storage box and you’ll find all the tools your kids will need to refine their lettering techniques, including a 32-page guide bursting with ideas, a 40-page notepad with lines and dotted grid pages, a mechanical pencil, a duo tip marker and three coloured brush/fineline markers.

Hand Lettering Set

2. Keep Calm And Colour In

Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring the most joy and colouring in is one of the best easy crafts for kids. It’s relaxing, requires minimal preparation, and has lots of developmental benefits, from encouraging patience to boosting concentration. Petite palaeontologist or aspiring astronaut in the family? This t-rexcellent Dinos In Space Colouring Set is full of quirky illustrations, sticker sheets and coloured markers for creating cool cosmic scenes.

Dinos In Space Colouring Set

3. Make A Magic Wand

Charm your tot with this Pastel Power Magic Wand Kit! Squish and roll the clay and modelling foam to create three whimsical wands, then let your littlen loose on the sparkly beads and gemstones. The craft set comes with easy-to-follow visual instructions and some design ideas for inspiration. Once the wands are ready, enchanted imaginary play awaits!

Magic Wand Kit

4. Make A Sweetie Necklace

There’s no sugarcoating it, this Clay Craft Necklace Set is sweet! The all-in-one kids crafts kit features everything your dinky jewellery designer will need to create their own lolly and watermelon necklaces. It includes six shades of Super Clay (non-toxic and air dries within 24 hours), two vegan leather necklace cords and 10 embellishment beads.

Clay Craft - Sweeties Necklaces

5. Transform A Window

Put pen to window to create a mess-free masterpiece or prettify a mirror or glass. These non-permanent Window Markers are child (and parent) friendly, as any drawings can be easily dry-erased off with a cloth or tissue. You could also go down the pen-and-paper game route - just swap paper for glass and set up a battle of noughts and crosses on the window!

Window Markers

6. Decorate A Plant Pot

Got a house full of plants? Pick a pot and let your toddler glam it up with a glittery touch! This Gemstone Sparkle Glitter Goo pack features six jewel-like tones, including emerald, diamond, amber, ruby, amethyst and sapphire. The glitter glue can be used on all sorts of different surfaces, so if you don’t want to use a plant pot, don’t worry! You could revamp a photo frame, jazz up a jam jar, or style a pair of sunglasses.

Gemstone Sparkle Glitter Goo

7. Create Your Own Bag Tags

Accessorising is a fabulous way for kids to show off their unique personality and character, and attaching pins or patches to backpacks has been a trend for generations. This retro 1980s Bag Tags kit comes with 5 pre-cut designs, including a roller skate, Rubik’s cube, TV, ice lolly and juice box. Use the coloured pencils to bring the tags to life, then pop them in the oven! Once the tags have hardened and shrunk to half their size, they’ll be ready to fix onto the keyrings provided and clipped onto your kiddo’s school bag.

Bag Tags

Share Your Kiddie’s Creations

Don’t forget to share your children’s artistic masterpieces with us on Instagram by tagging @BigjigsToys. We can’t wait to see them!

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