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How To Make Learning Numbers Fun!

How To Make Learning Numbers Fun!

Teaching children numbers from a young age will set them up for a good start in maths. Toddlers may find it difficult to differentiate between different numbers (6 and 9 can look similar, as can 1 and 7) and older children may be looking for their next steps into advanced numeracy. Here are some number games to get kids counting in no time at all!

Learning Numbers For Toddlers

Picture & Number Matching Puzzle

Number Puzzle

Little hands can explore numbers with this fantastic Wooden Matching Puzzle. Each of the nine puzzle slots has two wooden pieces that connect with the corresponding number of dots printed onto the wooden baseboard. Helps to develop tots dexterity, matching skills and concentration as they match the correct pieces. 12 months +

Learn To Count Game

Learn To Count Game

Stack and count the colourful wooden discs as they fill up on the poles. Our award-winning Learn to Count game is a fantastic introduction to counting - little ones need to match the numbered squares to the dots on the base of the puzzle and then count the brightly coloured discs as they are placed onto their individual pegs. Great for improving dexterity and concentration. 2 years +



Our traditional Wooden Abacus features 10 rows of colourful wooden beads that are ready to be counted. It helps teach kids numeracy skills, patterning and colour recognition. The sturdy wooden frame is made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Ideal for the playroom, bedroom or even classroom. 18 months +

Crocodile Number Puzzle

Crocodile Puzzle

Mr Crocodile is ready to teach cheeky little rascals numbers from one to ten with this fun Crocodile Number Puzzle. Behind each numbered puzzle piece are black dots that match the number on the wooden puzzle piece. Tots must match the number to the quantity of dots on the baseboard to complete the puzzle. 2 years +


Learning Numbers For Kids - 3 years +

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders game

A wooden board game loved for generations, our traditional Snakes and Ladders game is a fun-filled way for children to count as they make their way across the squares, up the ladders and down the snakes. Comes with four colourful counters and dice. A fantastic way to develop children's basic maths skills such as counting, addition and subtraction. 3 years +

Number Tray

Number Tray

Learn to count all the way to 100 with our rainbow-coloured Number Tray! The simple design stimulates young minds as they work through each of the numbers. Develops dexterity, concentration and fine motor skills. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. 3 years +

Jumbo Dominoes

Jumbo Dominoes

Our colourful Wooden Dominoes are jumbo-sized so that small hands can easily pick them up! Helps to nurture kids dexterity, matching skills and concentration as they match the different coloured dots together. 28 dominoes made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. 3 years +

Times Tables With Secret Decoder

Times Tables Game

Learning times tables doesn 't have to be difficult thanks to the ZooBooKoo Times Tables With Secret Decoder. The double-sided reusable activity mat comes with 12 multiplication tables in a random order. Kids can work their way through the multiplication tables by writing the answer with the dry wipe pen (sold separately). Use the red reveal decoder to see if the answer's right. 5 years +

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