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Best Maths Games For Kids

Best Maths Games For Kids

Looking for a fun way to engage your kids in learning their basic numeracy skills? Our cool maths games are bound to get youngsters multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting in no time at all.

Playing card games helps to build children's numeracy confidence and takes the pressure off getting the answer "right". It also makes learning fun and kids will be learning new educational skills without even realising it! Explore our top picks below.

Number Flashcards

Subtraction 1-10

Subtraction Flashcards

Teach your kids how to subtract from 1 to 10 with our Subtraction Flashcards. Each flashcard has a visually stimulating bright background to encourage little ones as they minus the numbers. The double-sided flashcards have a sum on one side and the answer on the other so children can check their maths.

Additions 1-10

Additions Flashcards

Adding numbers together has never been easier! Teach your children how to add numbers 1-10 together with our Additions Flashcards. The bright background helps to engage kids and help them stay focused.

Multiplication 1-6 & 7-12

Multiplication Flashcards

Multiply numbers together with these colourful flashcards. For beginners, Multiplications 1-6 are ideal for introducing kids to their times tables. For advanced learners, Multiplications 7-12 will get their brains ticking over. Ideal for home learning or in the classroom.

Divisions 1-10

Division Flashcards

Learn how to divide numbers from 1-10 with our Divisions 1-10 flashcards. Our flashcards for kids help them understand basic division skills and can be used both in the classroom or at home.

Snap Card Games

Transport Snap

Transport Snap

Test your little rascal's memory and observation skills with this snazzy snap card game. Learn about the different types of transport such as cars, bikes, diggers and more with this deck of cards. Comes with 52 transport illustrated cards made from premium quality, responsibly sourced materials.

Dinosaur, Fantasy & Wild Animal Snap

Dinosaur Snap

This 3 pack snap game features roar-some dinosaurs, mesmerising mermaids and fierce wild animals. Kids take it in turns to put down a card and match the correct pairs. Fantastic fun for all the family! Comes in 3 packs and is made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.

1-10 Snap

1-10 Snap

1-10 snap is the perfect card game for kids and adults alike! Learn basic numbers whilst testing memory and observation skills. Helps to introduce children to the concept of sharing and taking turns. Comes with colourful illustrations and is suitable for 3 years and up.

Looking for more maths games for your little learners? Explore our range of educational maths toys and games here.

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