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Learn To Tell The Time - Best Telling The Time Games

Learn To Tell The Time - Best Telling The Time Games

It's 'about time we showed you our top telling the time games, isn 't it! Learning to tell the time really can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 (o'clock).

What Age Should a Child Be Able To Tell The Time?

Between the ages of five and six are where kids first have a concept of time. Children in the UK are taught to tell the time in Year 1 where they will learn how to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour.

How Can I Help My Child Learn To Tell The Time?

Using a clock to teach little ones how to tell the time doesn 't have to be a classroom affair! Our range of time toys includes teaching clocks, sand timers, wooden weather and calendar boards, and even toothbrush timers! Explore our favourite telling the time games below.

Telling The Time Games

Telling The Time For Toddlers

For early learners, our Teaching Clock has plenty of learning opportunities for mini minds. Features 12 removable numbers that are colour coordinated with the base slot to help develop tots recall and recognition skills. There are even some useful annotations on the clock's centre to help with time vocabulary. Suitable for 18 months +.


Telling The Time For Kids

Toothbrush time doesn 't have to be stressful! Our Owl Toothbrush Timers are great for showing little mouths the importance of healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. The timers run for 3 minutes and can also hold one toothbrush. Suitable for 3 years +.

Learn how to tell the time as well as all the different dates and seasons with our super colourful Magnetic Weather Board. The bright clock face has moveable hands and useful annotations next to each number to show how many minutes past or to the hour each number represents. Comes with 73 play pieces for lots of educational fun!

For more time telling fun, Tell The Time Lotto is an action-packed board game that teaches little learners analogue and digital times. The lotto cards show everyday activities which kids are encouraged to read aloud and match the pictures on the board.

Telling The Time For Year 1

What better way to improve concentration and timekeeping than with a giant Sit On Sand Timer?! Standing at 31cm tall, this bright 5-minute sand timer is brilliant for giving children a visual demo of time passing. Ideal for ensuring focus and concentration and making learning fun.

Telling The Time For Year 2

Time detectives can work on their latest mission: decoding the 24 hour time with Secret Scholar - Decode Time (Level 2). Work out the time and write down the answer in the blank box with a whiteboard marker. When the answer's written down, hold the Secret Decoder over the coloured block to check if you've cracked the code! Suitable for 5 years +.

Telling The Time For Year 3

Use the Secret Scholar Decoder (Level 3) to work out the time! Write down your answer in the blank box with a whiteboard pen and hold the Secret Decoder to reveal if the code is correct. Supports the National Curriculum and is ideal for use at home, at school, or on the move. Suitable for 7 years +.

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