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Where To Get Nee Doh Nice Cube

Where To Get Nee Doh Nice Cube

A super spectacular new squishy toy sensation is in town…and it’s flying off the shelves! Nee Doh Nice Cube is the latest NeeDoh craze all the kids are talking about. Here’s how you can get your hands on one. 

Nee Doh Nice Cube: What? Why? Where?

Read on to learn what the Nee Doh Nice Cube actually is, why everyone is buying it, and where you can bag one of your own. 

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What Is The Nee Doh Nice Cube? 

Picture a Nee Doh ice cube and you might imagine a cube-shaped fidget toy with a tempting translucent glass effect and a satisfying squish, right? Well, you’d be spot on. But Nice Cube Nee Doh is all that and more.

What makes it so ‘cool’ is the way it feels when you squeeze it; press quickly for a firm squish or slowly for a soft squish. The clear texture also makes the NeeDoh cube stand out, and it comes in three different colours: purple, pink and blue (picked at random).

A hand holding the Nee Doh Nice Cube in purple

Why Buy The Nee Doh Nice Cube?

Here are 10 reasons why the Schylling Nice Cube is fast becoming a fidget toy favourite

  1. Look: it has a dazzling ice cube effect
  2. Feel: it offers two kinds of squish (firm and soft)
  3. Colours: it comes in three eye-catching shades 
  4. Safe: it’s non-toxic and child-friendly
  5. Quality: it has a silky soft outside and a groovy goo-like centre
  6. Focus: it can help kids concentrate and pay attention
  7. De-stress: it’s great for relieving anxiety
  8. Mindfulness: it helps youngsters stay present
  9. Portability: it’s the ideal travel companion for when you’re on the go
  10. Last but not least… it’s fun

Boy squishing the Nee Doh Nice Cube

Where Can I Buy The Nee Doh Nice Cube?

The brains behind the Nee Doh Nice Cube is award-winning US toy company, Schylling, and we at Bigjigs Toys are the UK, Ireland and EU distributors for the brand. What this means is that we’ll always be the first to stock exciting new launches like the Nice Cube on this side of the pond.

You can bag yourself a NeeDoh Nice Cube on our website or search for it on Amazon. But act fast as once they’re gone, they’re gone! That said, if you find that they are currently unavailable, rest assured that we’ll have them back in stock this September so remember to check back in then! 

Discover More About Nee Doh Fidget Toys

Our Everything You Need To Know About NeeDoh blog is packed full of insights on what NeeDoh is all about. But here’s a quick overview to give you a good idea. 

What Is A Nee Doh Fidget Toy? 

NeeDoh is a groovy squishy fidget toy that comes in all shapes and sizes, from simple sensory balls to crazy cats, pups, pigs, fruit, doughnuts and Noodlies! Some glow in the dark, others crunch, but all NeeDoh squeeze toys are made from a safe, non-toxic, dough-like material that always bounces back to its original shape. Fun for both kids and grown-ups, Nee Doh helps people unwind and de-stress. It’s also an excellent anxiety reliever and helps to improve concentration, distracting fiddly hands and bringing busy minds into the present moment. 

Why Do Kids Want Fidget Toys? 

When young kids aren’t getting enough movement, say they’re studying at school, travelling in a car, or sitting at the dinner table, this can trigger the urge to fidget. It’s what their bodies need! Children need a good amount of active play and physical exercise each day to regulate these needs, but having a small toy to squeeze and squish when the desire to fidget arises can be hugely beneficial. NeeDoh balls can help kids relax, stay focused, boost productivity, and relieve feelings of anxiety in overstimulating environments. Not to mention… they’re fun

What Age Are Fidget Toys For?

NeeDoh fidget toys are suitable for the ages of 3 to 103! Toddlers love to squeeze and squish them during sensory play sessions, for big kids they’re often used to improve concentration, while adults tend to appreciate them most for their stress-reducing abilities. For all ages, they’re incredibly and impossibly irresistible! 

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