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Baby Walker: Things To Consider Before You Buy

Baby Walker: Things To Consider Before You Buy

One of the most exciting milestones for new parents is seeing their baby take their first steps, and a push along walker can help them on their way. But what kind of baby walker should you go for? Buckle up as we navigate the twists and turns of choosing the very best baby walker for your little cruiser. 

Baby Walkers Vs Push Walkers

Read up on the differences between baby walkers and push walkers as we explore their developmental benefits, safety, and age recommendations

Baby walking with FSC® Certified wooden baby walker 

What is a push walker vs a traditional baby walker?

Traditional sit-in baby walkers are typically discouraged as they are linked to delayed independent walking and an increased risk of hip dysplasia. Some countries have even banned them due to safety concerns, as babies can whizz about at speed, exposing them to dangers such as falls and allowing them access to hazardous items and areas.

A push walker is a safe alternative to a sit in baby walker as it facilitates an upright posture and regular muscle development. Unlike traditional baby walkers, push along walkers enable babies to move at their own pace and provide support and stability while they’re building their strength, balance, and coordination.  

Baby Walker Vs Push Walker Infographic

Are push walkers good for babies?

Push walkers allow babies to safely transition from sitting to standing and take steps forward while using the handlebars for support. They are fantastic for encouraging infants to pull themselves up and take their first steps. A baby push walker is very different to your standard sit-in baby walker with wheels, known to pose risks to babies’ safety and development, as it supports normal muscle growth and promotes a natural walking position.

Are push walkers safe?

Sit-in baby walkers with wheels are considered dangerous and detrimental to a baby’s physical development, however, push walkers are a safe and reliable alternative. A push along walker enables regular muscle activation and strength development, and only works when the baby is ready to stand and take their first steps.

Push walkers can be an excellent way to enhance young children’s gross motor skills, provided they are used for a maximum of 20 minutes a day as per NHS recommendations. 

Girl walking with her Floral Activity Baby Walker 

When should I get a push walker?

All babies develop at their own pace, so knowing when to get your baby a push walker is less about age and more about when you feel they are ready and whether they’ve reached certain milestones. Babies will typically be ready for an infant push walker when they can pull themselves up to stand and cruise along furniture, which generally happens between 8-12 months

6 Wooden Push Walkers For Babies 

Here are 6 of our favourite push along baby walkers that’ll have your kiddo cruising safely and stylishly! 

1. Brick Cart Baby Walker

Girl playing with Brick Cart Baby Walker 

A push along baby walker and brick cart in one! Toddlers can transport their blocks from room to room with our FSC® Certified Baby Walker, practising their walking skills and stopping for a spot of construction play on the go. Made from sustainable FSC® Certified wood (FSC-C147826), this wooden baby walker features four chunky wheels, a sturdy wooden frame, an easy-to-grip handlebar, and 24 shapes which fit neatly inside the cart. 

2. Marine Activity Walker

Boy playing with Marine Activity baby walker

Let youngsters uncover a seaside sensory adventure with our Marine Activity Walker. Once infants have mastered walking by pushing along their walker, they can dive in to explore all the coastal-inspired activities. Use the slider to flip between the moon and sun, twist the colourful water wheel, help the birds fly along the beaded wire, and spin the picture blocks to match three shells or seahorses!

3. Tidlo Activity Walker

Girl playing with Tidlo Wooden Baby Walker

Tidlo’s Wooden Push Along Walker is educational and entertaining! Styled with bright colours and a pretty nature-themed design, this activity-fuelled baby push along walker includes a spinning cage rattle, mini abacus, spinning mirror, matching blocks and more. Plus, there's a storage tray at the back, so dolls and teddies can come along for the ride! 

4. Eco Baby Activity Walker

Baby playing with FSC® Certified push along walker 

Our eco-friendly FSC® Certified Baby Activity Walker is brilliant for developing your child's mobility, dexterity, and sorting skills. It features an abacus, a shape sorter, a mirror, cogs and much more, with an easy-to-grip handle and durable wheels to make walking a breeze! Made from sustainably harvested wood from FSC® Certified forests, this activity walker is also kind to the planet. 

5. Flower Activity Walker

Girl playing with Flower Activity Centre baby walker

Green-fingered tots will love getting stuck into our Flower Activity Walker! Infants can toddle along with the walker before letting loose on its interactive features. It features a spinning flower, ladybirds, bumblebees, and floral beaded wires. On each side of the walker, you'll find even more activities with a dolphin waiting to swim up and down on one side and a shape sorter on the other.

6. Baby Walker with ABC Blocks

Wooden ABC Push Along Walker
Did you know, Princess Charlotte was pictured playing with our Wooden ABC Baby Walker on her first birthday? Ideal for tots on the move, this wooden push walker has a graspable handlebar, robust frame, and cushioned rubber wheels to ensure confident mobility. When it's time to take a break from all that strolling, littlens can play with the 24 wooden alphabet blocks! Fun, educational, creative, and a fabulous way to nurture babies’ physical development and letter recognition.

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