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11 Egg-straordinary Easter Toys & Gifts For Kids

11 Egg-straordinary Easter Toys & Gifts For Kids

Carrot wait for Easter? Us too! This cherished season is a time when families come together to celebrate, indulge in delicious food, and embrace the joys that springtime brings. Amid the festivities, treating your little chicks to an Easter gift or two can add to the excitement of the occasion! 

Sugary chocolate treats might be synonymous with Easter, but if you’re looking to enrich the occasion with some egg-stra special Easter gifts, let us inspire you with 11 of our favourite Easter toys.

Easter gift ideas for kids: Chalk Eggs in a basket

Easter Gifts For Kids 

Discover more about the trend of Easter gift-giving to help you decide if non chocolate Easter gifts are something you’d like to try this year. 

Do parents give gifts on Easter? 

Easter gifts for children have become all the rage over recent years as parents look to swap those tempting chocolate eggs for longer-lasting, sugar-free alternatives - aka Easter toys! Baby and toddler Easter gifts have become a treasured tradition among many families. Some treat it like a mini Christmas, exchanging gift baskets full of Easter goodies, while others simply gift their children with a small token to mark the occasion. 

Easter toys bundle: Stacking Rabbit Rings, Chalk Eggs & Bunny Puzzle

Why do people give kids gifts for Easter?

Parents have become better aware of the dangers of sugar, so their Easter shopping habits have evolved and many are now exploring alternative Easter gifts to the chocolate variety. Easter toys that fit the occasion (think bunnies, chicks, eggs, springtime) have become a favourite with families because not only do they contain zero sugar, but they also feel extra special and have a far longer shelf-life than a chocolate egg!

That said, it’s all about balance. We like the idea of a family Easter egg hunt, where the youngsters can go searching for their little foil-wrapped eggs, but rather than gifting them with an oversized chocolate egg on top of this, you opt for a thoughtful Easter toy instead. 

Easter toys: baby playing with Pull Along Bunny 

What gifts are given at Easter?

Gifting toys for Easter is a great way to treat your tots without filling their tummies with too much chocolate. Here are a few Easter gift ideas to spark your springtime shopping:

  • Easter fidget toys
  • Child-friendly gardening tools
  • Kids baking sets
  • Egg-shaped chalks for arts & crafts
  • Easter storybooks
  • Soft toy bunnies or chicks
  • Easter jigsaw puzzles
  • Wooden tea sets
  • Springtime colouring books & crayons
  • Outdoor games

11 Ear-resistible Easter Toys For Kids

Chick out these 11 Easter gift ideas for kids, from Easter fidgets and bunny teethers to gardening tools, sensory toys, and outdoor games. Let’s hop to it!

1. NeeDoh Easter Fidget Toys

Easter toys: NeeDoh Easter fidget toys

Attention, parents: new Easter NeeDoh has just dropped! Introducing NeeDoh Chicka Deedos, featuring a squidgy chick inside a removable eggshell, and NeeDoh Magic Colour Egg, which shows off a rainbow, marble-like effect when squeezed. These new NeeDoh fidget toys make the ultimate Easter gift for your little squish! 

2. Silicone Sensory Cubes

Easter toys: boy playing with Silicone Sensory Cubes

Touch, chew, stack and tumble! These Silicone Sensory Cubes are ideal if you're seeking Easter gifts for babies or young toddlers. They are suitable for tiny ones aged 3+ months and made from 100% food-grade silicone, giving early learners an opportunity to explore new textures and sensations. The cubes come as a set of three with a picture on each face, such as a bunny rabbit, sun, moon and stars, and more.

3. Chalk Eggs

Easter toys: girl drawing with Chalk Eggs

Get creative over the Easter weekend with our colourful Chalk Eggs. Arty kiddies can use these egg-shaped chalks to create pavement masterpieces, or competitive tots could challenge their siblings to a game of hopscotch! The six pastel eggs come charmingly packaged in an authentic cardboard egg box, perfect for Easter gifting. 

4. Bee Balanced Game

Easter toys: Bee Balanced Game

New to Bigjigs Toys’ 2024 collection, this one-of-a-kind Bee Balanced game will keep your honey monsters ‘buzzy’ throughout the Easter holidays! Fun for all the family, Bee Balanced is a stacking toy with a twist. Players aim to maintain the board’s balance, while strategically stacking flowers on their side. The first to stack three white flowers atop the poles claims victory! Full step-by-step instructions are included with the game.

5. Silicone Bunny Teether

Easter toys: Tiger Tribe Silicone Bunny Teether

Another adorable baby Easter gift, this Silicone Bunny Teether features cute rabbit ears, a friendly face, and an easy-to-grip ribbed teething ring sized for small hands. New from Australian brand Tiger Tribe, this playful teether is soft, lightweight, and safe for babies to chomp on, helping to soothe their sore gums. It’s also dishwasher-friendly! 

6. Baking Cookies Set

Easter Toys: wooden kids baking set 

Swap the sugary goods for a pretend play treat this Easter! Our new Baking Cookies set comes jam-packed with a pair of wooden kitchen scales, a baking tray, pastry cutters, a mixing bowl, rolling pin, sliceable butter, an egg, flour, milk, and sugar. Preparing these make-believe cookies in a creative role play session is a brilliant way to boost your kiddo’s imagination and life skills

7. Forest Friends Playset

Easter toys: boy playing with Forest Friends Playset

Let your toddler’s imagination run wild with our Montessori-style Forest Friends Playset. It comes with a green and yellow stacking tree, a bunny rabbit, fox, and four woodland mushrooms. This enchanting set has been sustainably crafted from a combination of food-grade silicone and FSC® Certified wood (FSC-C147826), and inspires unstructured, open-ended play, which is excellent for children’s narrative thinking and language development

8. Kids Gardening Tools

Easter toys: girl playing with kids Gardening Caddy

Easter is a fabulous time of year to get your green-fingered girls and boys helping out in the garden (weather permitting!). This 11-piece Gardening Caddy comes with everything they’ll need to dig up weeds, plant flowers, or prepare their own mini herb garden - including gardening gloves, a trowel, fork, rake, and much more. 

9. Silicone Frisbee 

Easter toys: boy playing with Silicone Frisbee 

Spend some time in the great outdoors with our Flexible Flyer! It’s made from 100% food-grade silicone, which makes it super lightweight and robust. It also means it can be rolled up and stuffed into a beach bag or picnic basket without losing its shape. Our silicone frisbee comes in 12 colours, so you can pick your child’s favourite. 

10. Pull Along Bunny & Baby 

Easter toys: Pull Along Bunny & Baby toy

If you’re searching for baby Easter gifts, our Pull Along Bunny & Baby is a sweet choice. The baby bunny nests under the mummy’s tummy, so they can be pulled around the playroom together or pushed and pulled separately. Made from eco-friendly FSC® Certified wood, this pull along is fantastic for children’s gross motor development and can also be enjoyed in imaginative play sessions. 

11. Woodland Counting Puzzle

Easter toys: boy playing with Woodland Counting Puzzle 

A shape-matching game and jigsaw in one! This Woodland Counting Puzzle features four woodland creatures, a rabbit, badger, fox, and bear. The animals’ friendly faces are divided into puzzle pieces, which youngsters can match to the correct spaces on the wooden board. This is a fun way to teach toddlers basic counting skills while strengthening their grasp and dexterity

More From Our Easter Toys Range

If these Easter toys haven’t quite taken your fancy, discover more in our cracking Easter collection, featuring soft dolls, animal figures, stacking toys, pull alongs, and role play sets. 

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