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6 Tractor Toys For Tiny Farmers

6 Tractor Toys For Tiny Farmers

Rev up your tiny farmer’s imagination with these plow-sitively straw-some tractor toys! Sowing the seed for creative, make-believe play, toy tractors have long been a favourite among children of all ages. In this article, we dig in to find out why and share six of our top toy tractors for kids.

Why Do Children Love Tractors?

Children love tractors because they are big and powerful, and evoke a sense of adventure and exploration. They fuel kids’ curiosity, enticing them with their huge size and chunky wheels. What’s more, tractors are associated with rural environments which they often share with farm life, which appeals to children who love animals and enjoy spending time outdoors.

 Boy playing with Red Toy Tractor and other mini vehicles

Reasons why kids love tractors:

  • Fascination with machinery: Tractors’ wheels, gears, and moving parts can all be incredibly intriguing for kids who are curious about how things work.
  • Connection to real life: Children are exposed to tractors in real-life settings, from farm visits to roadside passings, and this can foster a deep interest in the tasks tractors perform.
  • Role play potential: Youngsters can easily incorporate tractors into their make-believe worlds, whether they’re pretending to be a farmer tending to crops or a builder transporting rubble.
  • Association with nature: Tractors are mostly seen in countryside surroundings or on outdoor construction sites, so, for kids, they symbolise exciting al fresco adventures and a connection to nature.  

Top 6 Toy Tractors 

Browse six of our favourite toy farm tractors, from our brand new toy Ride On Tractor to our best-selling Stacking Tractor. 

1. Mini Red Tractor Toy

Blue & Red Tractor Toys in sandpit

New to our 2024 range, this Mini Red Tractor Toy is a pocket-sized replica of a real tractor. It has been designed with rubber tyres with deep treads, so it can navigate through muddy fields! This little tractor also comes with a friendly farmer figure who can sit in the driver’s seat of the wooden cab or be played with separately. Perfectly sized for small hands, the tractor measures 10cm H x 13cm W x 7.5cm D. Made sustainably from ethically harvested FSC® Certified wood (FSC-C147826). Suitable for 12+ months. Not a fan of red? Shop our Mini Blue Tractor Toy instead! 

2. Ride On Tractor Toy

Boy driving Bigjigs' Ride On Toy Tractor

Another Bigjigs newbie, our Ride On Toy Tractor is ideal for kiddies on the ‘moo-ve’! Sustainably crafted from premium quality FSC® Certified wood, this tractor is built to last. Learning how to manoeuvre their vehicle, beep the squeaky horn, and change gears using the shiftable stick, are all brilliant ways to strengthen your teeny driver’s muscle development and gross motor skills. Measures 33.5cm H x 25cm W x 48cm D. Suitable for 12+ months. 

3. Large Toy Tractor and Trailer 

Girl playing with Green Toys Toy Tractor and Trailer

Get ready for a farm-tastic adventure with Green Toys’ Tractor and Trailer Toy! Made from 100% recycled milk bottles, this eco-friendly tractor toy features chunky tyres and a detachable rear trailer. It’s styled in an eye-catching orange shade and is dishwasher-safe, allowing for easy clean-ups after those muddy farmyard escapades! Measuring at 12.5cm H x 30cm W x 13.5cm D, this sustainable tractor and trailer toy is just the right size for little hands to grip and manoeuvre. Suitable for 12+ months. 

4. Stacking Wooden Tractor Toy 

Boy playing with Stacking Tractor Toy

A wooden toy tractor with a twist! Our Stacking Tractor engages young imaginations with its captivating green design and tactile wooden shapes. Offering a 2-in-1 play experience, kids can practise stacking the four pieces onto the wobbly poles, then use the tractor in their imaginative play sessions. The stacking function will enhance your child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination, while the pretend play element will nourish their creative thinking. Made from ethical FSC® Certified wood. Measures 12.8cm H x 16.8cm W x 10cm D. Suitable for 12+ months. 

5. Toy Tractor Train 

Tractor Train Toy

Fuse your littlen’s love of tractors and trains with our Tractor Train Toy. It comes with a tractor train engine in green and a crop sprayer carriage, alongside three pieces of wooden track for your teeny one’s train set. This unique train toy is compatible with most wooden railway brands, or you can pair it with our Farm Train Set for added a-moo-sement! Measures 4.7cm H x 3.5cm W x 1.5cm D. Suitable for 3+ years. 

6. Wooden Tractor and Trailer

Country Tractor and Trailer Toy

Cultivate your young farmer’s imagination with Tidlor’s a-maize-ing Country Tractor & Trailer. Motivating hands-on, open-ended play, this wooden tractor toy features realistic deep tread rubber tyres and a spacious trailer with a rear door you can flip up and down. Measures 14.1cm H x 37cm W x 12.5cm D. Suitable for 3+ years.

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