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7 Brilliant Benefits Of Baby Musical Instruments

7 Brilliant Benefits Of Baby Musical Instruments

Join us to explore how you can help your mini musical maestros hit their developmental milestones (and all that jazz!) with our short guide. 

Let’s Talk Musical Toys For Babies

Before we dive into the benefits of baby musical instruments and reveal some of our favourite musical toys for tiny tots, we wanted to share a few insights to help you decide if your little one is ready for their first jam session! 

Baby playing with xylophone musical instrument

What age can babies play instruments?

Learning how to grasp and shake toys is an important milestone for babies, and they usually pick up these skills at around three to four months old. At this age, littlens may enjoy playing with small, hand-held instruments and percussion toys. 

What is the best first instrument for babies?

For tiny ones, musical toys like baby maracas, hand shakers, bells and rattles are a perfect introduction to percussion! As their grasping abilities and fine motor skills progress, they can try out instruments like tambourines, drums, and xylophones, then move onto a child-sized guitar or keyboard from late toddlerhood.

Boy playing with musical Guitar toy in his bedroom

What are the benefits of musical activities for babies?

1. Stimulates brain development: Studies have shown that playing with musical baby toys can fuel an infant’s brain activity, helping to improve their memory, attention span, and cognitive thinking. 

2. Improves grasp: Baby music toys give youngsters the opportunity to practise their grasp and release skills, as they learn how to reach for, pick up, hold and let go of their instruments. 

3. Enhances fine motor skills: Drums, castanets and xylophones are excellent music toys for strengthening a baby’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

4. Great for sensory play: Listening to different sounds using toy musical instruments is fantastic for young children’s sensory development. 

Girl playing with Silicone Bunny Rattle

5. Boosts rhythm & timing: Engaging with baby musical toys helps littlens develop their sense of rhythm, timing and understanding of sequencing. 

6. Inspires imaginations: Exploring and making tunes with their musical toys fosters the curiosity and creativity of young minds.

7. Encourages family bonding: Spending some quality time together playing baby-friendly musical instruments can be a wonderful bonding activity for the family.  

Best Baby Music Instruments

We have handpicked 5 of our favourite musical instruments for babies to inspire your pocket-sized prodigy! 

Baby Maracas

Tiger Tribe eco-friendly baby Maracas

If you’re on the lookout for wooden musical toys, we have a fantastic collection of wood-made maracas for babies. Your petite percussionist might like our Twin Maraca, featuring a chunky easy-to-grip handle and two ends to rattle and shake, or a pair of star-print Junior Maracas available in four colours. We also have Tiger Tribe’s colourful ECO Maracas, made from sustainable bioplastic.

Baby Xylophone

Baby playing with Snazzy Xylophone music toy

Tap away and make sweet symphonies with our Musical Bear! This adorable twist on a baby xylophone features eight multicoloured keys, two wooden beaters, and a friendly teddy bear face. Alternatively, our more traditional Snazzy Xylophone has a set of 12 keys in rainbow shades, plus two wooden beaters. 

Baby Drum

Girl playing with Wooden Drum musical toy

Dinky drummers can rock out with their very first baby drum set! This clever little Wooden Drum is designed with cut-outs on the lid to create different sounds depending on where it’s hit. It also comes with a small wooden mallet made for tiny hands. Available in star-print and rainbow patterns.

Baby Rainmaker Toy

Boy playing with Garden Rainmaker musical instrument

Make it rain with our Wooden Rainmaker! Resembling the gentle patter of rainfall, this musical baby toy is made with coloured beads which cascade down the tube to create mesmerising sounds and visuals for babies. It also features cute butterfly and ladybird illustrations on each end. 

Baby Rattles & Shakers

Set of three baby tambourines

Shake it off with our animal-themed Hand Shakers (2 pack). These miniature tambourines come in three different styles - ladybird, frog and bird - and feature cut-out handles to make it easier for babies to grip. You could ring in the fun with our bell rattles, or play the planet-friendly way with Tiger Tribe’s sustainably-made bioplastic Shape Shakers.


I love the eco-friendly options for baby musical instruments mentioned in this article. It’s important to be conscious of the materials we give to our children.

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