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Makedo: The Best Montessori Cardboard Construction Toy

Robyn Marks 154 days ago

Get ready to think outside of the cardboard box with Makedo! Makedo is a kids tool set that has everything creative youngsters need to build their own cardboard construction designs - perfect for sculpting your medieval cardboard castle, space rocket or pirate ship. Makedo is the ideal Montessori toy for 5 year olds and older.

What Are Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys come from the findings of Italian doctor and educator, Maria Montessori, who was passionate about child-led learning. Montessori toys, also known as open-ended toys, have no rules or guidelines.

A Montessori toy is one that stimulates early learning through experimentation and allowing kids to play at their own pace. By allowing children to work as fast or slow as they like, they will be able to master their skills.

Sarah Cummins from the UK Montessori Society stresses the importance of accessible, affordable Montessori toys, “Montessori is not just for the wealthy families” and says that, “actually, to follow Montessori at home should not cost a lot at all.”

Sarah adds that “the best toys will offer the opportunity for children to explore, to make decisions and not be reliant on adult intervention.”

What Are The Benefits of Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys help kids to develop independence and a sense of responsibility through hands-on learning experiences. Kids that are free to act and play how they want by leading their own playtime can develop more effectively.

Why Cardboard?

Makedo cardboard car

Cardboard is strong yet flexible enough for busy hands to work with. Its simplicity makes it a great Montessori toy material. It’s also very versatile and can be folded, sawed and hole punched whilst retaining its strength. Cardboard is non-toxic and safe to play with.

Cardboard is also super easy to get hold of and can be recycled and reused. With the endless play possibilities of cardboard, Makedo kids tools allow children to experiment and find their own way.

Cardboard Kids Tool Set

Complete your cardboard construction toolkit with the Safe Saw, Scrubs, Fold-Roller and Scru-Driver. 

Makedo Safe Saw

The Safe-Saw is made from sturdy steel but doesn’t have any sharp edges - it can safely slice through the cardboard layers.

Makedo Scrus

The plastic Scrus attach the pieces of cardboard together and keep bigger cardboard creations standing upright. Scrus can attach 3-6 layers together.

Makedo Scru-Driver

The Scru-Driver helps to tighten and loosen the Scrus for hassle-free assembly of cardboard. Use the pointed end of the Scru-Driver to punch a hole to fit the Scru into.

Makedo Fold-Roller

The Fold-Roller perforates lines into the cardboard so busy hands can sculpt like a professional! 

Show Us Your Makedo Creations

Makedo cardboard construction toy

We need you! Yes, you! If you’ve got some cardboard to spare and a Makedo kids tool set, we want to see your funky cardboard creations. Tag us @bigjigstoys

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