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Makedo - Open-Ended Cardboard Construction Toys

Makedo - Open-Ended Cardboard Construction Toys

Bigjigs Toys has brought Makedo to the UK! For a kids tool set that really thinks outside of the box, Makedo has everything young creatives need to make their cardboard constructions.

What Is Makedo?

Makedo comes from Melbourne, Australia and is an easy-to-use cardboard construction toy. Little hands can build imaginative and functional creations from repurposed cardboard with the reusable kids tools.

Will your mini designer make a cardboard castle? A rocket? A giant sailing boat? The play possibilities are infinite! Youngsters will learn by creating, doing, trying, failing and succeeding.

Why Cardboard?

Cardboard is strong yet pliable enough for little hands to work with. Its versatile properties mean it can be folded, sawed and hole punched whilst retaining its strength. Cardboard is also super easy to get hold of and can be recycled and reused.

How To Use Makedo

Using the Makedo kids tools is easy-peasy. Each of the tools are reusable and safe for children to use.

Safe Saw

The Makedo Safe-Saw is made from steel and has no sharp edges, yet can easily and safely cut through the cardboard.


The plastic Scrus help attach different cardboard pieces together and keep those larger creations standing upright. They can connect 3-6 layers of cardboard. Use the end of the Scru-Driver to punch a hole for the Scru to fit into.


The Fold-Roller perforates lines to help little hands sculpt like a pro.


The Scru-Driver helps tighten and loosen the Scrus for easy assembly of cardboard constructions.

What To Make With Makedo

The cardboard construction possibilities are endless! Find out how you can make a dollhouse, car, dog, plane and playhouse below.

Makedo a Car

Makedo a Dog

Makedo a Dollhouse

Makedo a Plane

Makedo a Playhouse

Where To Buy Makedo

Makedo is coming to Bigjigs Toys in Autumn 2021, where you will be able to buy most of the cardboard construction range.

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