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7 Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

7 Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

Make the most of the sunshine with our outdoor games and activities for kids and adults alike! Whether it's to get your children away from a screen or to simply enjoy some fresh air, there's a game to suit every outdoor space. Outdoor games help to ignite that team spirit as well as creativity and imagination.

Crazy Golf

All the fun of the golf course! With lots of unusual obstacles in this Crazy Golf Set, kids will enjoy holding onto the child-size wooden golf clubs and trying to score. You can even keep track of everybody's score with the score sheet. A fantastic way to improve dexterity and hand/eye coordination. Suitable for 3 years +.

Frisbee Flying

Throw and fly! Our whizzy silicone Flying Disc is guaranteed to produce hours of entertainment. The lightweight food-grade silicone is gentle on little hands and is easy to carry - in fact, it can be squished, squashed and folded into pockets and bags without losing shape! Throw it to Mum, Dad, your siblings or friends for oodles of flying fun. Psst... if you forget a plate for the picnic, the frisbee's food-grade material is perfect for eating sandwiches off of and can be easily wiped clean. Suitable for 18 months +.

Bean Bag Bullseye

Who remembers this classic children's Bullseye Game? Children and adults can enjoy hours of fun as they throw the bean bags into the holes and score points. Who will be crowned the winner? Play this children's beanbag game solo or with friends and family. Comes with a scoring board and six bean bags. Ideal for developing hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness. Suitable for 3 years +.

Croquet Set

Can you guide the colourful balls through their wooden targets? Croquet is a fun-filled game of skill for cheeky rascals to enjoy playing outdoors. The four wooden mallets are the perfect size for little hands. Why not move the targets further away for an extra challenge? Helps to improve dexterity and hand/eye coordination. Suitable for 3 years +.


Use our Chalk Eggs to draw a hopscotch grid on the driveway, patio or pavement. Number the squares from one to nine and choose a beanbag (or small stone) to throw into the first square. Hop over the beanbag with a single foot or both feet to the end of the grid. Turn back around and stop on the second square, balancing on one foot. Keep going until there's a winner!

Skipping Rope Jumping

Skipping Rope (also known as jump rope) games are a fun way for kids to keep fit and healthy. For solo playtime, use the skipping rope to basic jumping skills such as scissor jumps (land with one foot forward then switch feet on the next jump) or cross jumps (land with feet crossed like an X, apart, then crossed again). For double trouble, trying jumping with a partner using just one skipping rope.

Animal Skittles

Can you get a strike? Or even a turkey? Our FSC Certified wooden skittles love to be toppled over and picked back up again. Line them all up and take it in turns with friends and family to roll the wooden bowling ball. This wooden toy has been crafted from FSC Certified materials and is robust enough to withstand years of skittle playtime.

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