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Spinosaurus swimming with Movable Jaw – Deluxe 1:40 Scale

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Dimensions: W cm x H cm x L cm
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Brand: Collecta

Spinosaurus means “spine lizard” and was a large theropod - even bigger than the T-Rex - reaching 50ft long when fully grown. It weighed a gargantuan 7 tons and lived over 97 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.

The Spinosaurus was found in Egypt and Morocco and it had flat, blade-like teeth. It moved on two legs and supposedly waded through water to fish for prey as well as hunting on the land for terrestrial animals.

Hand painted dinosaur toy. Designed by experts, CollectA dinosaur models are factually accurate and true to life.

Spinosaurus Swimming with Movable Jaw – 1:40 Scale - product features:

  • Spinosaurus Swimming with movable jaw
  • Deluxe 1:40 scale
  • 37cm x 11cm
  • Designed by experts to be factually accurate