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DUE JAN Meerkat Standing

SKU: 9588913


Dimensions: W 2.5cm x H 8.9cm x L 4.3cm
Suitable for children from:
Brand: Collecta
Barcode: 4892900889139

In the Wild Life Collection we gave a make-over to our Meerkat – Standing.

Meerkats are squirrel-sized. They are mongooses, famed for their upright posture, just as the CollectA model. They often stand on their rear legs and gaze alertly over the southern African plains where they live. Meerkats are good hunters and are sometimes tamed for use as rodent-catchers. The CollectA model got a make-over with a new colouring. The new shades are more greyish than before and more natural and evenly spread over the whole body.