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A bear-illiant twist on the classic kids dominoes game, our Woodland Animal Dominoes set includes 28 wooden play tiles featuring friendly forest creatures. These are sized just right for little hands to easily pick up and place down.

Ideal for portable play when you're on the go, this charming game of kids dominoes can be neatly packed away in the cotton storage bag (making sure no pieces get lost!). A fun way to teach children about turn-taking, patience, and playing with others.

Our Woodland Animal Dominoes game is made from sustainably sourced FSC® Certified wood and coloured with non-toxic paints and lacquers. Conforms to current European safety standards. Suitable for 2+ years.

Woodland Animal Dominoes - product features:

  • Children's dominoes game
  • 28 wooden tiles with animal illustrations
  • 1 drawstring storage bag
  • Made from FSC® Certified wood
  • For 2+ years

How To Play Dominoes

Put the dominoes face down on the table and jumble them up. Each player takes 6 dominoes (if there are more than 3 players, then each player should take 3 dominoes), and must make sure no one sees them! The leftover tiles are 'sleeping' dominoes.

The first player places one of their dominoes (correct side up) on the table. The second player needs to place their domino on the table that matches one side of what's already there. If a player can't go, they must pick a domino from the sleeping pile and skip their turn.

Continue taking turns placing dominoes down. The winner is the first player to get rid of all of their dominoes!

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