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Carcharodontosaurus 1:40 (Deluxe)

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Dimensions: W 10cm x H 11.5cm x L 33cm
Suitable for children from:
Brand: Collecta
Barcode: 4892900886428

Carcharodontosaurus means "shark toothed lizard" was one of the biggest theropod carnivores lived during the Late Cretaceous Epoch in North Africa.

Carcharodontosaurus were some of the longest and heaviest carnivorous dinosaurs. Scientists believed the C. saharicus species was 12.8 metres long and weighed 7.8 tons.The C. iguidensis is believed to have been 11 metres long and weighed 5.2 tons.

Hand-painted dinosaur toy. Designed by experts, CollectA dinosaur models are factually accurate and true to life.

Carcharodontosaurus – Deluxe 1:40 - product features:

  • Carcharodontosaurus
  • Deluxe 1:40 scale
  • 31.6cm x 10.2cm
  • Designed by experts to be factually accurate