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Arabian Stallion Chestnut 1:12 (Deluxe)

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Dimensions: W 8cm x H 20cm x L 25cm
Suitable for children from:
Brand: Collecta
Barcode: 4892900885384

The Arabian Stallion is a breed of horse from the Arabian Peninsula and is one of the most recognisable horse breeds in the world.

Arabian horses weigh 800 to 1,000 lbs (360 to 450 kg) and measure 14.1 to 15.1 hands (145 to 155 cm). Arabian horses are good natured, quick to learn and want to please.

Hand-painted horse toy. Designed by experts, CollectA dinosaur models are factually accurate and true to life.

Arabian Stallion Chestnut – Deluxe 1:12 - product features:

  • Arabian Stallion Chestnut
  • Deluxe 1:12 scale
  • 25.5cm x 20cm
  • Designed by experts to be factually accurate