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American Saddlebred Stallion Liver Chestnut

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Dimensions: W cm x H cm x L cm
Suitable for children from:
Brand: Collecta

The American Saddlebred is a horse breed from the United States, often called the “Horse America Made”. Its popularity grew across the 20th century, with exports to South Africa and Great Britain. Its origins are in Kentucky, and it was once known as the “Kentucky Saddler” and used during the Civil War.

American Saddlebreds weigh around 900-100lbs and are 1.52-1.63 metres tall (15 to 16 hands). They can be any colour, but the most common colours are chesnut, bay, brown and black.

Realistic hand painted horse toy for kids. Designed by experts, CollectA horse models are factually accurate and true to life.

American Saddlebred Stallion Liver Chestnut - product features:

  • Hand painted American Saddlebred Stallion Liver Chestnut horse toy
  • 1:20 scale
  • 14.7cm x 12.3cm
  • Designed by experts to be factually accurate