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Wooden Board Games

Enjoy some family bonding time with one of our lovingly designed wooden board games. These traditional games include our best-selling Snakes and Ladders game, alongside childhood favourites such as Chess, Draughts, Backgammon, and Noughts and Crosses.

Unplugged play with classic board games gives kids some time away from screens, while increasing their opportunities for early learning. Traditional board games can help littlens learn the value of patience, turn-taking, sharing and supporting others. They can also enhance children’s problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, language and communication.


Fishing Game 6 reviews
Tumbling Teddies 4 reviews
Out of Stock
Animal Shut the Box 2 reviews
Bean Bag Bullseye 1 Review
Draughts and Chess Set 4 reviews
Traditional Ludo 3 Reviews
Shut The Box 6 Reviews
Four in a Row 1 review
Games Compendium 2 reviews
Traditional Bingo 5 Reviews
Jungle Crash 1 Review
Sudoku 2 Reviews
4 in stock
Peck Up Sticks 1 review
Penny Push
Chinese Chequers 2 reviews
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
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