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Everything You Need To Know About The Ultimate Fidget Toy: Nee Doh

Everything You Need To Know About The Ultimate Fidget Toy: Nee Doh

Schylling's Nee Doh is the colourful retro fidget toy (and now TikTok sensation) that started it all. A soothing sensory toy, Nee Doh balls have a silky soft texture and are filled with a soft dough-like material. Here's everything you need to know about the latest stress ball sensation.

What can I use Nee Doh for?

Nee Doh has many uses - it can be used as a regular ball, a fidget toy, a stress ball, a party favour, a stocking filler, or an anxiety reliever. 

Nee Doh is appropriate for those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, autism and anxiety as it helps children focus, pay attention and stay centred with each squeeze. At 6.4cm x 6.4cm it is perfectly sized for little hands to hold.

Here's Ellen at @Baby_Olivers_Journey showing NeeDoh Noodlies in action for children with autism. 

How many Nee Doh products are there?

At Bigjigs Toys, we currently stock 14 different Nee Doh products: Original Nee Doh, Nee Doh Dohjees, Teenie Nee Doh, Colour Changing Nee Doh, Glow In The Dark Nee Doh, Atomic Nee Doh, Gobs of Globs Nee Doh, Groovy Fruit Nee Doh, Shaggy Nee Doh, Swirl Nee Doh, Super Nee Doh, Snow Ball Crunch, Ramen Noodles and Noodlies. With so many to choose from, you'll be spoiled for fidget toy choice. 

How big is a Super Nee Doh?

The super-size version of classic Nee Doh, Super Nee Doh, is twice as big, measuring in at an impressive 11.4 x 11.4cm. 

What is inside a Nee Doh ball?

needoh stress ball

The million-dollar question that most people ask is what is inside a Nee Doh? You may be surprised to learn the exact thing that gives Nee Doh its groovy, globby squish is... a PVA glue compound! PVA glue is safe for kids as it's non-toxic and contains zero nasty chemicals. 

Is Nee Doh poisonous?

No, the groovy glob inside Nee Doh balls is hypoallergenic, safe and non-toxic, it contains no BPA, phthalates or latex so is safe for little fingers to play with.

How to clean a Nee Doh ball

When stress balls are used daily, they can get grubby very quickly. All you need to keep your Nee Doh in tip-top condition is simply wash with soap and warm water, drain and leave to air dry. 

Who invented Nee Doh?

shaggy needoh

NeeDoh was created by USA-based brand Schylling. There are plenty of NeeDoh stress ball designs and colours to choose from.

Does Schylling ship to the UK?

Yes! Bigjigs Toys are a UK distributor for Schylling toys and we deliver to most addresses within the UK. 

Where can I buy Nee Doh?

snow crunch needoh

You can buy our full range of Nee Doh here.

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