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Unique Jigsaw Puzzles for 2022

Unique Jigsaw Puzzles for 2022

Wooden puzzles are a toy box staple! We have released an exciting range of wooden puzzles and floor puzzles this year to help engage busy little hands and minds as they piece it all together.

Piecing History Together

Who invented the jigsaw puzzle, I hear you ask? The first jigsaw puzzle is said to have been made by London mapmaker, John Spilsbury, in the 1760s. John pasted a map onto wood and supposedly used a scroll saw to cut it up.

It wasn 't until the early 20th century that the Parker Brothers devised the concept of having hand-cut interlocking pieces. During the Great Depression, it's estimated US households were playing with 10 million jigsaw puzzles every week.

Our New Jigsaw Puzzles

Vegetable Floor Puzzle

Featuring 48 pieces, this giant floor puzzle aims to educate children about vegetables and a healthy diet. Kids are encouraged to learn about vegetables, where they come from and the importance of a balanced diet. The floor puzzle's large size is ideal for group play so parents, grandparents, siblings and friends can join in on the fun. Shop Now

Fruit Floor Puzzle

Learn all about fruit with this 48 piece giant floor puzzle. Can you spy the bananas and strawberries? Kids can discover a wide variety of fruits as they develop their problem-solving and dexterity skills. A fun way to teach little ones about healthy nutrition. Can be played in groups for extra fruity fun. Shop Now

Things That Go Together Puzzle

Little hands need to match the wooden puzzle pieces correctly together! This educational puzzle teaches kids about everyday objects and things that go together. What does the bumblebee match with? What about the padlock? 32 chunky puzzle pieces that are ideal for small hands to place, grasp and examine. Shop Now

Opposites Puzzle

Match the opposites together! Our 32 piece opposites jigsaw puzzle teaches kids about everyday objects and things that are polar opposites to each other. What's the opposite of sad? What about cold? Helps to develop children's vocabulary and knowledge of differences. Shop Now

Maze Puzzles

Our Maze Puzzles feature four magnetic coloured balls that need to make it to the other side of the wooden puzzle board. How will they get there? Use your included magnetic stick to move the balls through the maze, looking at the engaging, colourful scenes as you go along. Available in Construction, Farmyard, Flower Garden and Aquatic themes.

Chunky Lift-Out Puzzles

The ideal first wooden puzzle for toddlers, our Chunky Lift-Out puzzles are a fun way for busy little hands to grasp, place and examine as well as learn about the different themes. Each puzzle comes with smooth chunky pieces that slot into the baseboard. Helps to develop problem-solving and fine motor skills. Suitable for 12 months + and available in Cow, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Train, Car, Digger and Boat themes. Shop Now

Where To Buy Jigsaw Puzzles

Bigjigs Toys are proud to stock a fantastic collection of wooden puzzles - take your pick from educational puzzles, lift-out puzzles, cube puzzles, sound puzzles and much more.

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