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Enchanting Unicorn Toys For Unicorn Day

Enchanting Unicorn Toys For Unicorn Day

That’s right, there’s a day in the diary dedicated to all things unicorns! It falls on 9th April every year and serves as a fabulous reminder of how mythical tales and magical toys can spark children's imaginations. If you’ve got a unicorn-mad munchkin in your family, they’re not alone, rest assured!

Unicorn toys have been a hit with youngsters for some time and they remain hugely popular with children all over the world (there are 16+ million posts featuring #unicorn on Instagram!). 


Kids are naturally drawn to stories of mystery, magic and adventure, so they may be obsessed with unicorns because these fantastical beasts embody such themes and represent a world where anything is possible. Unicorns are seen as one-of-a-kind creatures, symbolising purity, power, and individuality, which makes them extra special for children. Then there’s the aesthetic appeal of their pretty pastel colourings, glittery spiral horn, and flowing mane.

5 Unicorn Toys For Girls & Boys 

Transport your tiny one to a land of rainbows and sparkles with these 5 dazzling unicorn toys. From unicorn colouring pictures and activity sets to stunning unicorn figures, these toys promise to fill your kiddie’s playtimes with whimsy and wonderment! 

Unicorn Colouring Set

Child enjoying some unicorn colouring with Tiger Tribe set

Frolick in enchanted forests and soar through candyfloss clouds with this dreamy Unicorn Colouring Set. It comes with 36 pages of unicorn colouring pictures, as well as 5 sticker sheets and 10 marker pens, all beautifully packaged in a handy magnetic storage box - great for on-the-go play! 

Unicorn colouring is a calming and immersive activity that helps to encourage mindfulness and relaxation, giving mini artists a fun alternative to screen time. Colouring is also an excellent way to nurture your child’s fine motor skills and creative thinking

Unicorn Figurines

CollectA Unicorn Toy

Rooted in Celtic mythology, the unicorn was a symbol of purity, innocence, and power. Inspired by this, CollectA’s Pink Unicorn Toy shows off a shiny white coat, gold horn and hooves, and muscular legs, alongside Celtic emblems including the Tree of Life and Sailor’s Knot.

The toy unicorn stands in a rearing pose to capture the majesty of this mythical creature and has been designed to stimulate imaginative storyline ideas for kids’ pretend play sessions. We also have a unicorn figurine in blue, presented in a trotting pose. 

Magnetic Unicorn Activity Set

Two girls playing with Unicorn Toy Magnet Set

Fold out the magnetic board to reveal a spellbinding scene which kids can make their own with the themed magnets. Tiger Tribe’s Unicorn Kingdom Magnet Set is ideal for portable play, with endless possibilities to create new play scenes. Watch the unicorns cross the rainbow bridge, gallop across the grassy fields, and explore the grounds of the fairytale castle! When it’s time to pack up, youngsters can enjoy the challenge of the ‘match the magnets’ puzzle on the case, making tidy-up time a breeze. 

Unicorn Jack In The Box

Girl holding Toy Unicorn Jack In The Box

The ultimate gift for young unicorn fans, this Unicorn Jack In The Box is perfect for playtime and bedtime! Wind up the crank and a cute unicorn will pop out of the tin box, glowing in a rainbow of colourful lights and singing a sweet ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ tune. This interactive unicorn toy is beautifully decorated with vibrant unicorn pictures and makes a charming nightlight for snuggly slumbertime stories. 

Unicorn Tea Set

15-piece Unicorn Tea Set

Host an otherworldly tea party full of fantastic folklores and fables with our glorious Unicorn Toy Tea Set. This 15-piece tin tea set is an idyllic addition to any make-believe party. It comes with 4 cups and saucers, 4 dessert plates, a teapot, and a serving tray, so tots can brew up some fun with a few like-minded unicorn-loving pals, or invite their favourite soft toys to an imaginary afternoon tea! The set has been styled with vivid rainbow patterns and playful unicorn illustrations to captivate young minds, and is crafted from long-lasting, lightweight materials to make the pieces easy for little hands to hold and explore.  

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