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Everything You Need To Know About Ride On Toys

Everything You Need To Know About Ride On Toys

Few toys evoke as much joy and excitement as a ride on toy car, trike or scooter, and these wheeled wonders have been a childhood staple for generations. But are they really worth it? In this rollicking guide to ride ons, we share expert advice and top tips to help you decide if your dinky driver is ready for their first set of wheels! 

Ride On Toys: Your Questions Answered

Join us to learn more about ride on toys, from their developmental benefits and safety standards to the age recommendations

Are ride-on toys worth it?

Ride on toys are 100% worth it, and the value of a ride on extends far beyond mere entertainment. Ride on cars, trikes, and scooters contribute to a child’s physical, cognitive, and social development. They nurture kids’ gross motor skills as they learn to propel themselves forward, steer, and balance. They encourage make-believe play, boosting children’s creative thinking and imagination, and they help littlens develop interpersonal skills such as cooperation and communication when playing with others. 

Ride on toys: Two Kids Balance Bikes leaning on a wall

Are ride-on toys good for development?

Riding toys are powerful developmental tools for young minds, enhancing kids’ muscle strength, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, imagination, and social intelligence. 

Let’s take a closer look…

1. Gross motor skills: Learning how to steer and manoeuvre a kids ride on car will strengthen your child’s muscles, balance, and coordination, laying a foundation for their overall physical growth.

2. Cognitive development: Navigating obstacles while whizzing about will teach kids how to make responsible decisions on the go and improve their cause-and-effect understanding. 

3. Social interaction: Friendly races, outdoor adventures, and collaborative role-play sessions will help kids learn how to share, take turns, and communicate with others. 

4. Confidence: A kids ride on gives youngsters a sense of freedom and independence, boosting their confidence as they learn how to manoeuvre their vehicle and ride steadily.

5. Screen-free: Ride on toys motivate kids to step away from their screens and spend time in the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying some unplugged play.

Ride on toys: Girl riding her yellow Didicar

Are ride-on toys safe for babies & toddlers?

Safety is paramount when it comes to ride on toys, and parents must have total trust that the ride on will provide the support and stability their child needs while working on their balance and coordination. Bumps and scrapes can’t always be avoided, but here are some safety pointers you’ll want to look for when choosing your baby or toddler’s first ride on toy: 

  • Age group: Ensure the ride on is specifically designed for their age group.
  • Durability: Make sure it’s been crafted from strong, long-lasting materials, and features rounded edges to prevent injuries.
  • Stability: Opt for ride ons that are sturdy and stable to prevent tipping - for young ones, four or three-wheeled ride on toys are ideal for extra support.
  • Safety Standards: Check that the ride on conforms to toy safety regulations.

When should you get a ride-on toy?

The ideal time to introduce a ride on toy depends on the child’s developmental stage. Many kids trikes are suitable for babies and young toddlers aged 12+ months, but it’s a good idea to choose one with supportive features such as an easy-grip handlebar and three or four wheels. Bigger kids aged 3 and up can graduate to more advanced ride ons, such as scooters and balance bikes. 

Kids Ride On Toys By Age

Here are seven of our very best ride on toys divided by age, including our brand new Ride On Tractor and adorable ride on animals. 

Ride On Toys For 1 Year Old

Kids Ride On Tractor 

Ride on toys: Boy playing on Ride On Tractor

Hop aboard our ‘legen-dairy’ Ride On Tractor Toy! Announce your arrival on the farm with a beep of the squeaky horn and take charge of the gear stick and steering wheel, effortlessly guiding the wheels left and right. Sporting a bright red design with chunky yellow wheels, our Ride On Tractor is ready to ignite little imaginations and fuel hours of play. Made from sustainable FSC® Certified wood (FSC-C147826). Suitable for 12+ months. 

Baby Trike

Ride on toys: Baby playing with Diditrike

Exploring the world on wheels for the first time can be daunting for tiny tots, but the Diditrike Baby Ride On has been meticulously designed to provide support and stability for young riders. Watch as your dinky driver zooms around on the three wheels, pushing their little feet along the floor to propel forward and guiding the easy-grip handlebar to whizz around corners. Lightweight, durable, and without the fuss of pedals or batteries, the Diditrike is ready for action indoors or outdoors. Take your pick from four animal designs (Giraffe, Zebra, Ladybird, and Crocodile). Suitable for 12+ months.

Ride On Toys For 2 Year Olds

Ride On Sheep

Ride on toys: Toddler riding on wooden Ride On Sheep

‘Herd’ about our new Ride On Sheep? ‘Ewe’ will love it! This fa-baa-lous toddler ride on features four wheels for added stability, sturdy wooden handlebars, and a soft, fluffy seat ensuring maximum comfort when ploughing across the playroom. The animal’s smiley face and fleecy ears will charm young kiddies, motivating them to jump on and zip about, which will gradually help to build their confidence, balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Made from eco-friendly FSC® Certified wood. Suitable for 18+ months. 

Ride On Cow

Ride on toys: Toddler riding on wooden Ride On Cow

A moo-mentous journey awaits aboard our new Ride On Cow! This friendly Friesian features the species’ iconic black and white print, alongside a fluffy seat, wooden handlebars, and adorable soft ears. It has also been crafted with four durable rubber wheels to help teeny riders glide smoothly along. Made from sustainable FSC® Certified wood. Suitable for 18+ months.   

Ride On Toys For 3 Year Olds

Didicar Ride On Car

Ride on toys: Kids racing each other on Didicars

Also known as a wiggle car, Didicar is a kiddie ride on with a difference. Powered by the wiggle of a steering wheel, its innovative design is loved by kids (and grown-ups) all over! Just grip the wheel, give it a twist, and off you go - forwards, backwards, and beyond! Whether cruising indoors or outdoors, the self-propelled Didicar is a brilliant way to boost kids’ physical development, balance, and coordination. Suitable for 3+ years. 

Toddler Balance Bike

Ride on toys: Boy riding on Kids Balance Bike

‘Tyre’ out your toddler with our wooden balance bike! If your kiddo is ready for two-wheeled freedom, My First Balance Bike is the perfect place to start. Available in red or blue, our lightweight kids balance bike features a padded adjustable seat, durable tyres, and easy-to-grip handlebars. Moving onto a two-wheeled ride is a fantastic way to fine-tune your child’s balancing skills and further develop their hand-eye coordination. Suitable for 3+ years. 

Kids Scooter

Ride on toys: Boy riding on Didiscoot kids scooter

Much like our Balance Bike, the Didiscoot is a great step-up from seated ride ons. The three wheels give youngsters added assurance to stand confidently on the scooter and kick off with their feet, while the lean-to-steer design makes it a breeze to handle. It also weighs just 2.45kg, so it's easy for Mum or Dad to carry when those tiny toes get tired! Available in pink or blue. Suitable for 3+ years.

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