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Space Toys for Kids & Toddlers

Space Toys for Kids & Toddlers

Today is Space Day 2022, a day to celebrate the universe and all its magic. National Space Day was first introduced by aerospace company, Lockheed Martin, in 1997 as a way to promote STEM education among children. It was so popular it grew into International Space Day in 2001 and has been celebrated every year since!

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

A Short History of Space Travel

How do we even begin to explain the wonders of space? Did you know the first living earthling to orbit the Earth was a two-year-old Russian dog called Laika? She was on the first-ever spaceflight in 1957 which paved the way for space exploration, as scientists didn 't know if it was possible for living things to do so.

In 1969, the United States flew two astronauts to the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who were the first-ever humans to do so. Five more manned missions then followed. NASA developed a reusable spacecraft to carry astronauts and satellites to orbit. The space shuttle leaves orbit at 16,465 miles per hour (26,498 km/hr) and comes to a halt on a runway without the need for an engine.

Even though NASA's shuttle program ended, a lot of private companies are ready to reach for the stars with their own space programs, such as Planetary Resources and SpaceX. SpaceX recently launched the first SpaceX flight with a civilian-only crew.

What Was The First Toy in Space?

Stargazer Lottie Doll floating in space

Astronauts aren't the only things that go into space. Toys have made it to outer space too. In 1985, the Discovery space shuttle took a Slinky, paddle ball, Yo-Yo and a toy car into space to conduct fun experiments. The first doll in space was Stargazer Lottie Doll (stayed tuned to read more about Stargazer Lottie later) who joined Tim Peake on a trip to the International Space Station.

What To Get a Child Who Loves Space?

Wondering what to get a space-mad child? A rocket toy is a great shout! Read our list of top space toys for toddlers and kids below to find the perfect rocket for a loved one.

Toys for Space Lovers

Space Toys for Toddlers

Bath Rocket

A super fun bath toy that can reach infinity and beyond, Tiger Tribe's Bath Rocket is the perfect first introduction to sensory play. Suitable for tots aged 18 months and above, immerse the rocket in the bathwater and watch as the water levels rise. When it's ready to launch, water gushes out and the rotating jets create a dome shape.

Red Rocket

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Green Toys Rocket is equipped with a detachable top capsule and two astronauts in spacesuits, helmets, and backpacks. The rocket has a large flip down door and the top capsule opens to reveal rocketship buttons and dials. Suitable for 2 years +.

Solar System Floor Puzzle

Piece together the planets and stars with this out of this world 50-piece Solar System floor puzzle. Ideal for playing individually or in a group, there's so much fun to be had. It also comes with a double-sided solar system fact and activity sheet so little learners can carry on developing their astronomy skills. Suitable for 3 years +.

Space Toys for Kids

Lottie Doll Stargazer

Lottie Stargazer is ready to wrap up warm in her bomber jacket, scarf, hat and boots to spend the night stargazing with her telescope. Inspired by astronomy's most notable women, Lottie comes with solar system collector cards and an astronomy information sheet. Lottie has premium saran nylon hair and has bendable knees so she can do different poses. You can also turn Lottie into a fully-fledged astronaut with the Astro Adventures doll clothes. Suitable for 3 years +

Space Art

Create intergalactic masterpieces with Tiger Tribe's Foil Art Set. Choose a space card and use the wooden tool to peel off the holographic foil to reveal the adhesive sections. Little hands need to grab a foil sheet, rub the foil onto the sticky section and a pretty shiny out of this world artwork will appear. Suitable for 5 years +.

Packed with astronauts, planets, stars, aliens and more, Tiger Tribe's Outer Space Neon Colouring Set has 36 colouring-in pages and 3 neon marker pens to make those colours pop. Comes in a compact self-contained box to keep everything in one place. Suitable for 5 years +.

Lunar Launcher

A retro space launcher, Schylling's Lunar Launcher sends plastic disks whizzing through the air. Snap the spinning disk to the launcher, wind it up, and pull the trigger. It soars over 65 feet! Comes with 3 soft plastic disks.

Planets Solar System Cubebook

Turn the Planets Cubebook in all different directions to learn about the Earth and the Planets. The unique design means kids of all ages will be enthusiastic to learn about the Solar System. Each page is full of bitesize chunks of information that help young learners absorb information without being overwhelmed. Suitable for 6 years +.

Solar System Magnetic Book

Learn about all the different planets with ZooBooKoo's addictive Solar System Magnetic Book. It comes packed with sorting games, facts about different planets and two sheets of magnets. A fun way to develop dexterity and concentration.

How are you celebrating Space Day?

If your little astronaut is doing something special today, share it with us @bigjigstoys

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