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New OceanBound Recycled Toys To Save Our Seas

New OceanBound Recycled Toys To Save Our Seas

Time to shell-ebrate! Green Toys’ new recycled toys range is now in stock, and all the toys are made from discarded plastic collected from coastlines. Read on to discover more about OceanBound Plastic and explore the ‘shrimp-ly’ amazing new collection!

Girl playing with Green Toys OceanBound Dumper truck toy

What Are OceanBound Recycled Toys?

OceanBound toys are made from plastic at risk of entering our oceans. Unlike most recycled plastic toys, which are made from plastic collected from kerbside recycling bins, OceanBound Plastic is sourced from within 50km of waterways in communities that lack formal recycling infrastructures.

The OceanBound Plastic programme is crucial to the protection of our oceans and environment, and Green Toys has teamed up with OceanBound to craft a collection of quality eco toys that help to save our seas while bringing joy to playtimes.

Plastic waste on the beach

Can OceanBound Plastic Be Recycled?

Yes! OceanBound Plastic is recycled and recyclable. It’s made from non-toxic High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), which means it can be collected from any regular kerbside recycling scheme that accepts HDPE waste.

Recycled Toys For Toddlers

The festive season is just a few months away, dare we say! So, this year, if you’re thinking of gifting more sustainability, these ‘sand-sational’ eco friendly gifts for kids are perfect for littlens who love everything from sand play to bathtime splashes. 

Green Toys Seaplane

Green Toys OceanBound Seaplane

Young pilots can sail their Seaplane across the bathtub and fly it as high as their little arms can reach! Styled in two-tone blue, the OceanBound Seaplane has a spinning propeller and large pontoons for floating in the tub, pool or sea. Available in two colour variants (picked at random). Dishwasher safe. For 12+ months. 

Green Toys Dump Truck

Green Toys OceanBound Dumper truck toy

It’s a busy day on the Green Toys construction site! Kids can transport their toys in style aboard their sustainably-made OceanBound Dumper. Designed in eye-catching shades of turquoise and yellow, this interactive toy dumper truck has a working open-box bed for unloading goods. Available in two colour variants (picked at random). Dishwasher safe. For 2+ years. 

Green Toys Scooper

Green Toys OceanBound Scooper truck toy

Scoop up soil in the garden or pebbles at the beach with the Green Toys OceanBound Scooper. This blue and red toy truck has a working front loader and chunky tyres for tackling bumpy terrains! Available in two colour variants (picked at random). Dishwasher safe. For 2+ years. 

Green Toys Ferry Boat

Green Toys OceanBound Ferry Boat toy

All aboard the OceanBound Ferry Boat! This lifelike toy ferry has a grey and blue design, with a slide-out ramp, an open-top deck, and a cargo level that can fit up to four toy cars. It also features realistic detailing, such as porthole windows and a seating area for teeny passengers, inspiring pretend play. Available in two colour variants (picked at random). Dishwasher safe. For 3+ years. 

Green Toys Loader Truck

Green Toys OceanBound Loader Truck toy

Ideal for sand play, the OceanBound Loader Truck has a working bucket loader so tiny construction workers can lift, load and pour sand for all their important building projects. This recycled toy truck is a great way to encourage imaginative play, which can help to enhance children’s creativity, storytelling and language skills. Dishwasher safe. For 3+ years. 

7 Easy Ways Kids Can Help Protect Our Oceans

Alongside eco friendly toys, there are lots of simple things you can do with your youngsters to help look after our oceans. Here are 7 ideas to get you started! 

Girl rock pooling with the Bigjigs Toys Activity Bucket

  1. Teach them about marine conservation using toy sea creatures
  2. Do a family beach clean together
  3. Treat little ones to their own reusable juice box
  4. Save water by turning off the tap when they’re cleaning their teeth
  5. Explore rock pools to teach your tots how to observe and be respectful of sea life 
  6. Don’t litter at the beach (or anywhere!)
  7. Volunteer together at a local ocean conservation charity

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