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Help Us Save The Seals

Help Us Save The Seals

For this year’s World Oceans Day, we are supporting the rescue and care of our seals. The UK is home to two native seal species, the common seal (Phoca vitulina) and the grey seal (Halichoerus grypus).

British Seals

The Common Seal

Also known as the harbour seal, common seals are usually found along the Scottish coast as well as the Wash, the Thames and Northern Ireland. They can weigh up to 100kg and measure 1.6 metres in length. Their fur is normally light brown or grey, but if they’re in the Thames estuary, they can be bright orange as their fur is dyed by the iron-rich mud.

The Grey Seal

grey seal

Grey seals are found around the entire UK coastline and when foraging, can be found out at sea and in estuaries. They are bigger than the common seal, weighing up to 300kg (males) and 200kg (female), measuring 2.5 metres in length. Their fur is usually brown or mottled grey.

Why Are Seals Important?

Seals are a key component of marine ecosystems as they help sustain a balance in the food chain. Seals eat fish, squid and crustaceans and are vital food sources for big predators such as orcas, polar bears, and sharks. Seals also help to move nutrients from sea to shore with their movements.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary


Our friends at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary need your help! The Cornish Seal Sanctuary are one of our loyal customers (and stockists of our CollectA sea life collection) who are desperately fundraising in order to continue their seal-saving efforts.

What’s The Sanctuary’s Mission?

It’s the charity’s mission to rescue and provide professional care for sick, injured and distressed seals and other marine animals. Once they have recovered, they are released back into their natural habitat. The sanctuary also gives a permanent home and ongoing care for seals and marine animals that can’t be released back into the wild.

What’s At The Sanctuary?

seals at the cornish seal sanctuary

The Sanctuary is packed with plenty of special seals and marine animals to visit. The Harbour Views Pool is home to a big family of Grey Seals, where rescued seal pups learn how to fight for their fish meals and how to engage with the adult seals.

For a true “under the sea” experience, there are several underwater viewing areas located in the Southern Sea Lion Pool and Penguin Beach. The sanctuary is also Cornwall’s only Seal Hospital, with over 70 grey seal pups rehabilitated and brought in to recover.

Help Save The Sanctuary

For over 60 years, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary has rescued and cared for sick, injured and distressed seals (as well as other marine animals).

But, vital funds are needed in order to redevelop the pools and for the sanctuary to continue to provide world-class seal conversation and care. Fund Our Future, a £1.3 million fundraising campaign, will help secure the charity’s future.

Fund Our Future

fund our future

As part of the project, the charity will be replacing four on-site pools over the next two years in one of the biggest redevelopment projects the charity has seen in its 64-year history.

With the support of donations, The Sanctuary hopes to:

  • Build a modern filtration system that will improve water quality for the animals and human visitors
  • Give better pool access for animal carers to train and enrich the animals
  • Create a brand new undercover viewing area with seats and an education space
  • Provide an excellent standard of marine mammal care
  • Inspire the next generation to continue the charity’s work

Jana Sirova, Head of Sanctuaries at SEA LIFE Trust, said: “This campaign, one of our biggest to date, is all about safeguarding our future and putting the Cornish Seal Sanctuary at the heart of world-class animal welfare for years to come, allowing us to remain as world-leaders in seal conservation and care.

Grab your diaries and pencil in the 1st of September as there is a special silent auction for Fund Our Future.

“We will be hosting a very special event as part of our official Fund Our Future campaign launch, which will see VIP guests invited from around Cornwall to find out more about the project, take part in our silent auction and enjoy a beautiful cream tea at our site on the edge of the Helford River. The event is being held on September 1st, which is National Seal Day – so, it couldn’t be more perfect!” said Hazel King, Marketing Manager at Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

    How To Donate

    To make an online donation, you can donate here. You can also text SEAL followed by your donation amount to 70490. Please note texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message.

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