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Get Behind The Wheel With Our New Race Track Toy

Get Behind The Wheel With Our New Race Track Toy

To mark the launch of our new Roadway Race Day track, we are talking all things Formula One. Explore 10 fun facts to share with your mini motorists and learn all about the new car track toy that’s driving our excitement this week!

Roadway Race Day car track

What Is Formula One?

Formula One began in 1950 and is a mega-famous motorsport where different teams compete against each other in prestigious Grand Prix races.

Racing car

Who Is The Most Successful F1 Driver?

With a whopping 103 wins, the most successful Formula One Driver of all time is Sir Lewis Hamilton. This impressive British racing car driver owns the F1 record for race victories and is tied with the legendary Michael Schumacher for the most world titles (seven).

Are There Any Female Drivers In F1?

Women have a fairly short history when it comes to Formula One, but there has been a handful of female trailblazers who have had a big impact on this male-dominated sport. Here’s a quick look at three women who made F1 history.

Maria Terese de Filippis: Maria was the first woman to compete in a Formula One Grand Prix race, back in 1958.

Lella Lombardi: One of F1’s most successful female drivers, Lella made her Grand Prix debut in 1974 and later became the only woman to score a World Championship (half) point.

Desiré Wilson: Desiré is the only woman to have ever won an F1 race, taking victory at the British Aurora F1 Championship in 1980.

Lella Lombardi

Fun Formula One Facts For Kids

1. F1 cars accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 2.6 seconds

2. The F1 is watched by a global TV audience of more than 400 million people

3. Brake discs can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celcius

4. F1 cars can drive upside down when at speed

5. The average pit-stop tyre change takes just 3 seconds

6. The F1 helmet can withstand the impact of a 1.5-tonne car

7. F1 engines can’t start when they’re cold, so they’re always preheated

8. F1 teams can consist of up to 1,200 people, including drivers, engineers and mechanics

9. An F1 car has around 80,000 assembled components

10. A woman hasn’t started an F1 race in 46 years

Race car speed

Spotlight On Our New Car Track Toy

Buckle up and drive off into the sunset with our new Roadway Race Day toy car track! Lovingly designed in the UK, this wooden car track is the ultimate gift for tiny F1 fans. It comes with three wooden race cars, three drivers, two mechanics, a grandstand stadium, a podium and lots of accessories to bring the track to life, such as traffic lights, flags and cones. The track also features oil spills, skid marks and a pit-stop for speedy tyre changes. Race to the checkout to bag yours today!

Want to extend the play possibilities? Pick up our Roadway Bumper Pack, including 26 car track accessories from motorcyclists to a wooden petrol station.

Girl playing with Roadway Race Day track

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