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Forest School Activities At Home

Forest School Activities At Home

Take your learning outdoors into the fresh air!

The beauty of being outdoors and doing forest school activities is that children probably do not perceive it as "learning" and yet they learn some of their most valuable lessons there. From scavenger hunts, mud pies to sensory boxes. All the time exploring new sensations, discovering new creatures and playing with no boundaries!

Some essential kit & ideas to kickstart the learning:

Use a Bug Compass - set up a treasure hunt or go orienting - Pack of 5 £8.99

Discover what bugs are in your garden with the Magnifying Glass £9.49

Measure rainfall or discover what's living in your pond with the Magnifier £3.99

Use a Flower Press & make memories with leaf & flower pressing £5.99

Bug Keeper Build an insect hotel £5.99

Bug Box (BJ180) Build an even bigger bug hotel! £6.49

Immersing activities:

Give each child a simple cardboard tube to help them focus on things up close or far away as they are walking. This works whatever your focus: living things, animal homes, patterns, numbers of...things beginning with the letter... “the list is endless! Being creative will stimulate interest and imagination. Collecting things is much more engaging when using interesting collecting pots or bags. You can stick things to a shaped-card with a strip of double-sided tape if it's windy! They will make a beautiful reminder of your activities and help to "bring the outside in". Pack some paints & paper into your kit to create a painted masterpiece to remind you of your forest school day! Collect a stack of sticks, a selection of leaves from lots of different trees, some petals or flowers, grass blades, stones. Attach each item to a separate stick with some string to make natural paintbrushes. Dip each paintbrush into the paint, transfer onto the paper using each different natural paintbrush to create a master piece to keep forever!

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