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Bigjigs Rail - Outdoor Adventures

Bigjigs Rail - Outdoor Adventures

Have a Bigjigs Rail Outdoor adventure!

On sunny, warm days there is nothing better than getting out into the garden to play!

But, it doesn't have to stop at swings, slides & water toys - why not get your favourite toys which are usually enjoyed in the living room out into the garden! For example, take your beloved Bigjigs Rail wooden train sets outdoors too!

Have a Bigjigs Rail Outdoor adventure and set the track to run over the grass, winding over footpaths, around tree trunks and plant pots! Enjoy a new natural environment to expand your rail sets and imaginations! bigjigs rail outdoor adventures Bigjigs Rail themes are fantastic for exploring new worlds, and in the new surrounding, those worlds can become even more interesting. The Bigjigs Rail Medieval Train Set and the Knights of the castle guarding the royal family through the fields and across the garden! Transport the treasure around the wooden track to the castle. Train up the Knights ready for battle as the King and Queen watch over. Use the Pillory to give bad guys a telling off! The possibilities are endless with the Includes 46 play pieces including an engine and two carriages, wooden figures, trees, Knight's flags and much more! Bigjigs Rail Outdoor Adventure

Go beyond the set and expand to include additional track pieces, accessories and explore the medieval world some more.

Transit up along the sloping track to the Drawbridge and enter the castle then raise the moveable bridge using the red turn dials to stop enemies in their tracks. Once the enemies have been lost lower the bridge back down and return to the track for another adventure! Bigjigs Rail Outdoor campaign After traveling around the wooden track searching, your Knights finally find the mystical treasure, which is being guarded by the dragon! Befriend him and he will load it into your carriage. With magnets, the Dragon Crane is able to pick up the gold using its nose and load it easily onto your train! Set includes dragon with a movable dial to lift the dragon's neck up and down, treasure and an additional carriage to fit the treasure into. Bigjigs Rail Outdoor adventure pink bridge Extend your rail world into new realms. Travel from one fantasy land to another via a Pink Rope Bridge. Welcome to Fairy Land! Carefully travel over the rickety wooden rope bridge to cross the woodland stream below. Once safely over the wooden bridge, the magical journey can continue into the long grass, around the flowers and beyond. Bigjigs rail outdoor adveture pink lilpag Travel through the grassy edges of the river to a Lilypad Turntable. A great way to manage an ever-growing wooden rail outdoor network, this 66-way Lilypad Turntable will ensure all engines can head in the right direction! Little ones can cross the lilypad by driving onto the colourful pad and then twist the pink knob to rotate.

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