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Bigjigs Toys gets digging for gold!

Bigjigs Toys gets digging for gold!

When we heard the news that Berlin-based Michael Sailstorfer had hidden 24-carat gold bars on a beach in our very own hometown, we thought we'd better get some digging power down to the dig site!


30 gold bars, worth £10,000, have been buried in the Outer Harbour Beach as part of Folkestone's Triennial arts festival, which runs from 30 August to 2 November this year. Sailstorfer and organisers from Bristol-based arts producers, Situations, hope that visitors will create modern art pieces as they pile up the sand whilst attempting to unearth the hidden bullion. 'Folkestone Digs', as the site has been named, aims to change the perception of what makes public art.

Claire Doherty, Director at Situations commented: "So often public art funding is spent on a sculpture or a bauble on a roundabout and part of what we do is to say, actually sometimes a temporary project can have as much impact in the collective memory as something that has been there a long time.

Art helps you explore places and I think what the artist wanted was exactly what you see here today - people away from their iPads and computer screens, alive with imagination and excitement.


After the news of the hidden treasure reached Bigjigs HQ, we immediately deployed our finest Bigjigs excavation vehicles to assist with the gold digging. Unbeknownst to the skillful collection of vehicle drivers, a gang of cheeky pirates aboard the new Pirate Mini Playset landed their vessel on the beach and began a rival search.


We knew these swash buckling critters would stop at nothing to fill their treasure chest and immediately sent backup in the form of the Big Crane Construction crew. Manned with a crane, roller, trucks and diggers, as well as a supportive crowd of onlookers, they're sure to provide valuable support.


The news of the gold digging even reached the ears of Green Toys pilot, Mr B Ear, who offered support from the sky in his state of the art eco-friendly Seacopter. He hopes that by flying over the area he will be able to spot marks in the sand where the gold bars may be submerged.


Meanwhile the team at Bigjigs HQ wait anxiously to see which side will be the first to strike gold! In can only be a matter of time...

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