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Best Soft Dolls & Ragdoll Toys

Best Soft Dolls & Ragdoll Toys

Soft dolls for toddlers and babies will always make a fantastic gift for Christenings, birthdays and Christmas. Soft dolls and ragdolls are ideal for little arms to hug and cuddle at nighttime and send them off soundly to the land of nod. Explore our top traditional ragdolls and soft dolls picks!

What Are Soft Dolls & Ragdolls?

Ragdolls are a traditional children's toy and one of the oldest kids toys around! The British Museum is home to a Roman ragdoll from the 1st-5th century AD. Ragdolls are soft dolls or cloth figures that have been handmade with different bits of material.

Ragdolls have historically been used as comfort toys and to teach kids nurturing skills. Mass production of ragdolls started in around 1830, when fabric colour printing was introduced. Today, contemporary ragdolls are produced to have similar features to traditional ragdolls such as soft cloth bodies and patchwork clothing.

New ragdolls

What Are The Benefits Of A Soft Cloth Doll Toy?

Soft doll toys are a precious addition to a child's toy box. ragdolls can become your little one's best friend and have an array of benefits:

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Enhances tots imaginations
  • Makes little ones feel safe
  • Promotes affection
  • Gives companionship
  • Stimulates emotional intelligence

Popular Soft Dolls and Ragdolls

All of our ragdolls are suitable from birth onwards and all of the doll clothes can be mixed and matched. Our rag dolls are available in three different sizes: small (28cm), medium (34cm) and large (38cm).

Poppy Doll

Poppy doll

Our number one bestseller, Poppy, is a 28cm tall plush ragdoll. Poppy comes dressed in a white and pink floral dress, pink cardigan and matching pink shoes. Poppy is kind and loving, and adores having cuddles. Shop Now

Grace Doll

Grace doll

Grace is a charming soft doll who loves to play! Grace comes dressed in a strawberry print blue dress with a purple pinafore with matching shoes. With her hair in bunches, she is ready to meet her new best friend. Shop Now

Daisy Doll

Daisy doll

Daisy's demeanour is as sunny as her outfit! Daisy is a cuddly doll dressed in a bright yellow dress with floral accents and pink shoes. Daisy glows with love and affection for her little friend! Shop Now

Otis Doll

Otis doll

Otis is too cool for school! Otis has adorable curly hair and comes dressed in a red polo shirt and denim shorts. Otis can easily fit into bags, prams, cots, beds and cars. His soft material is gentle on toddlers and babies skin. Shop Now

Jacob Doll

Jacob doll

Cute and cuddly Jacob is dressed for a hot summer's day! He wears a teal shirt over a white t-shirt, checked shorts and white shoes. Whether you're going on a trip to the beach or hitting the shops, Jacob is dressed for the occasion. Shop Now

Jack Doll

Jack doll

Jack wears a roar-some pair of brown monster dungarees with brown shoes and a white long-sleeved top! He has curly brown hair and a cheery smile. His soft material is gentle on busy little hands. Shop Now

New Rag Dolls

We also have some new additions to the Bigjigs doll family this year! We're pleased to welcome:

Shannon Doll

Shannon ragdoll

Adorable Shannon doll is ready for a day out with her best friend. Shannon's hair comes tied up in a ponytail and she wears a striped snowflake print pink dress with matching pink shoes. Shannon's wardrobe can be switched up with any of the Bigjigs Toys doll clothes. Shop Now

Phoebe Doll

Phoebe ragdoll

Cute Phoebe is party-ready! Phoebe's hair is tied up in a ponytail and she wears her favourite multicoloured polka dot dress with white shoes - perfect for a party with her friends. Shop Now

Robin Doll

Robin ragdoll

Robin is raring to go for a trip to the seaside! Robin has curly hair and wears a striped top with a beach design, denim shorts and blue shoes - ideal for a day at the beach. Shop Now

How To Wash Soft Dolls

We know that soft dolls get a lot of love, and from time to time need a good clean! Here are the best ways to keep your little one's favourite ragdolls as good as new.

Washing Machine

  1. Keep the soft doll protected by putting it inside a mesh laundry bag
  2. Pop it into the washing machine and put it on a gentle or delicate cycle
  3. Take the ragdoll out of the laundry bag and, if needed, gently stretch it back into shape
  4. Hang the doll up to air dry - avoid using the tumble dryer as this can make it shrink

Hand Wash

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a teaspoon of laundry detergent, mixing well
  2. Put the toy in the water and gently hand wash it
  3. If it has stains, use an old toothbrush to gently scrub away the mark
  4. Rinse in cold or warm water and squeeze the water out.
  5. Hang it up to air dry

Where To Buy Soft Dolls

Bigjigs Toys is the place to buy high quality, beautiful ragdolls. With over 20 soft dolls to choose from, there's the perfect gift for all toddlers, babies and children!

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