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7 Fun Family Activities To Do

7 Fun Family Activities To Do

Every year on 15th May the International Day of Families is celebrated across the planet. This day is a chance to celebrate families and raise awareness of issues that may affect families. we've put together 7 activities for families that are bound to bring you all together and cause lots of laughter and smiles.

1. Make a Family Tree

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Kids can grab some big pieces of paper (a large paper roll may come in handy) and some pens so that they can begin to map out their family tree. Collect family members names, birth dates, hometowns, jobs and date of death (if applicable) and get little ones to write them out (or help them write it out). Try to add photos of each ancestor to really bring the family tree to life and arrange ancestors from oldest to youngest in a downwards direction.

2. Get Out In The Garden

There's nothing better than getting outside in the fresh air! If you have some green-fingered children, let them get stuck in with helping you around the garden. Whether it's pulling out weeds or sowing seeds with their Gardening Caddy or pressing flowers to make pretty keepsakes, there's something for everyone.

If you're quick on your feet, you will love playing with our bendy frisbees. Made from flexible silicone, our flyers are easy to catch and won 't cause any injuries if there are any enthusiastic little (or grown-up) throwers!

3. Arts and Crafts

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Allow your child to channel their inner Picasso with arts and crafts. It's a great way for you to get stuck in too, helping them create their masterpieces. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Pass the Picture

  1. Give every player a piece of paper
  2. Choose a particular colouring pen for each player (so you know who drew what)
  3. Set a timer for 1 minute
  4. Ready, set, draw!
  5. Pass the picture to the person next to you when the time is up
  6. See your hilarious masterpiece unfold

Colouring In

Colouring together is a fun activity as many kids enjoy doing it and enjoy the relaxing sensation of moving the pens and pencils backwards and forwards. You can either use your own stationery and print off some colouring sheets, or get your hands on a colouring set.

Packed with colouring sheets and colouring pens, choose from an array of different themes, from mermaids, dinosaurs and unicorns, to outer space and wild animals. An easy way to create some beautiful pieces of art.

Inside My Head Collage

Similar to self-portraits, inside my head gets kids to trace around family member's silhouettes, cut them out, then use magazines, newspapers and leaflets to cut out anything that shows what is inside their head. It can be absolutely anything, such as food, toys, cars etc. Stick these to the silhouettes to make a super cool collage.


Looking for painting sets without the mess?! Tiger Tribe's Magic Painting World sets come packed with plenty of play value minus the mess. Little artists simply need to fill up their magic paintbrush with water to reveal the hidden illustrations on the painting.

4. Cycling

If your little rider hasn 't quite grasped cycling yet, take them out on a Balance Bike. Our wooden balance bikes come with adjustable padded seats, solid tyres and easy grip handlebars. With no pedals, kids need to use their feet to push forwards and get moving.

Alternatively, a Diditrike is perfect for young riders, with a weight limit of 20kg. The freewheeling design helps children to exercise whilst developing their balance, spatial awareness and gross motor skills.

5. Volunteering

Whether it's doing a litter pick on the beach, helping a local charity, or looking after nature in nearby beauty spots, volunteering in the community is a fantastic family bonding activity. Family volunteering is a great way to have fun, get outdoors and keep kids occupied, particularly during the summer holidays.

6. Board Games

Ideal for a rainy day, board games get the family together and get the competitive streaks out! Who will be the winner? Our popular Games Compendium has not one but four classic board games - Snakes and Ladders, Tic Tac Toe, Draughts and Tiddly Winks. The wooden box keeps all the games neatly organised together and is ideal for travelling.

7. Baking

Baking your favourite cookies or cakes helps little chefs develop their baking skills early! Our Young Chef's Baking Set includes a baking tray, loaf tin, whisk, rolling pin, oven mitt, measuring spoons, pastry cutters and muffin cases that are all child-sized. This baking set helps children to develop their independence and work as a team with the grown-ups!

What are your favourite family day activities? Let us know in the comments!

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