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5 World Book Day Costumes You Can Make With Cardboard

5 World Book Day Costumes You Can Make With Cardboard

World Book Day 2024 is coming up on Thursday 7th March, so we wanted to inspire you with 5 easy, quick, and affordable World Book Day costumes you can make with cardboard. 

DIY World Book Day Costumes

If you’re not 100% sure whether or not to attempt a World Book Day cardboard costume, this quick Q&A should help.  

Can you make a costume out of cardboard?

A costume made of cardboard is much easier than you might think. You don’t have to be a crafting whizz, all you need is a little imagination! There are lots of reasons to make a cardboard DIY costume; it’s simple, it’s cheap, it’s eco-friendly, it’s a fun family bonding activity, and it’ll help your child develop new skills

World Book Day costumes: cardboard dinosaur

What to wear if you don’t have a costume for World Book Day?

Dig out some old boxes from your recycling bin and make a cardboard costume! It’s the perfect last minute World Book Day costume, as you’ll likely be able to find all the materials you need around the house. Getting creative with your little bookworm is a great way to nurture their imagination, dexterity and problem-solving skills, and they’ll end up with a unique World Book Day costume to show off to their friends.

What costume can I make with a cardboard box?

Here are some of our favourite cardboard box costumes, inspired by the mini makers of Makedo masterpieces!

  • Dinosaur: Create a T-Rex mask with cardboard cut-outs for the head and white card for the teeth.
  • Photographer: Craft a camera from cardboard cut-outs and tie it around your child’s neck with string. 
  • Steam train driver: Use a large box for the carriage, cut-out rounds for the wheels, a toilet roll for the chimney, and kraft paper for the steam.
  • Rock guitarist: Paint an old cereal box and connect cut-out cardboard strips for the neck and head; using string or wire for the frets. 
  • Knight: Cut out a sword and shield from a large sheet of cardboard.
  • Bunny rabbit: Connect a cardboard box with cut-out ears for a cute bunny rabbit hat!
  • Fairy: A simple set of cut-out cardboard wings and a wand is all you need!
  • Rhino: Fix together two cardboard boxes for the body, slide in some cut-out cardboard ears and kraft paper horns, then cut out a window for the eyes. 
  • King or Queen: Cut out a crown from any piece of cardboard for a royal look!
  • Lizard: Piece together shredded cardboard to make a frilled-neck lizard costume.

Makedo Tools For Cardboard Box Costumes

Creative youngsters can take their cardboard constructions to new heights with Makedo’s award-winning kids tools. These clever tools can be bought individually or together in one handy Makedo kit.


The Safe-Saw is made from steel but has no sharp edges, so it can seamlessly cut through cardboard (but not your kiddie’s fingers!). Turn the Safe-Saw upside down and you can use the hole puncher to create a cutting guide in your cardboard, then flip it back and use the serrated edges to saw through any thickness of cardboard. 

Makedo Safe-Saw 

Scru-Driver & Scrus

Forget messy glue or sticky tape and keep your cardboard fixings simple with Makedo’s innovative Scrus and Scru-Driver! The plastic Scrus safely secure pieces of cardboard into place, while the Scru-Driver can tighten and loosen the Scrus for easy assembly of inspiring inventions! 

Makedo Scru-Driver 


For improved precision and control, the practical Makedo Fold-Roller can help kids create more complicated cardboard constructions. It works by gliding the wheel across the surface of the cardboard, creating a dashed line which you can use as a guide for folding

Makedo Fold-Roller infographic 

5 Homemade World Book Day Costumes

On the lookout for unusual World Book Day costumes? Get creative with cardboard! All of these one-of-a-kind World Book Day outfits have been lovingly handmade by parents and their ickle inventors (with the help of some marvellous Makedo tools!). 

Peter Rabbit

We carrot believe how ear-resistible this Peter Rabbit costume is! Right, let’s hop to it. For Peter’s head, grab a long sheet of cardboard and use your Fold-Roller to create guides for a box shape. Once you have folded the box into place, fix it together with Scrus using the Scru-Driver. Next, cut out two cardboard bunny ears and attach them to the box, then use marker pens or paint to give Peter his friendly facial features.  

The Gruffalo 

The Gruffalo is one of the most popular World Book Day characters, but you don’t have to splurge on a pricey costume. You can create this super simple version for next to nothing! All you need is a few cardboard boxes and a splash of paint. 

First, insert a small cardboard box inside a bigger one for the face, then attach a little rectangular box on top for the Gruffalo’s head. Cut out two cardboard ears, alongside two eyes from a piece of orange card (or paint some cardboard orange), plus some tusks, teeth and horns from a sheet of white card. Use the Scru-Driver to puncture two holes in the cardboard face section for the Gruffalo’s nostrils, then connect a cut-out tongue, some eyebrows and pupils from a piece of black card (or black-painted cardboard). 

This works perfectly as the head only, but you can also attach another partially dismantled cardboard box decorated with purple prickles for the Gruffalo’s back

The Dinosaur That Pooped

Tom Fletcher’s The Dinosaur That Pooped series is another World Book Day favourite. To make this dino-mite cardboard creation, first cut two dinosaur-shaped faces out of a sheet of cardboard, plus a long strip for the head, then fix them together with Scrus. Saw another strip of cardboard for the jaw, then screw this onto the head. Finally, cut out 12 large teeth and some eyes from a piece of white card, attach them to the dinosaur, then paint it red and yellow! 


Elmer is a classic children’s story that’s been loved by kids for generations! This playful patchwork elephant works perfectly as a cardboard costume. To make Elmer’s head, use the Fold-Roller to create six folds in a long sheet of cardboard, then connect it at the back with Scrus. Cut out some big elephant ears and a trunk from corrugated cardboard, then get the paints out and decorate Elmer in her famous patchwork shades

The Lion King

Be prepared for World Book Day with this ravishing Rafiki mask! Choosing Rafiki over Simba, Nala or Mufassa is a great way to show some originality and it’s really easy to create. Simply cut out sections of cardboard for Rafiki’s hair, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and beard, paint each piece according to the picture, then join the pieces together with Scrus. Finally, fix a piece of ribbon to both sides of the mask so it can be tied around your cheeky monkey’s head! 

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