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What Kids Can Learn From Playing With Toy Trucks

What Kids Can Learn From Playing With Toy Trucks

Gear up for a journey into the revolutionary realm of toy trucks and learn how these timeless toys help kids build new skills! We’ll also give you a first look at our brand new Mini Vehicles range, featuring 9 lifelike wooden trucks and tractors for tiny truckers and little landscapers. Read on to browse the new collection. 

How Toy Trucks Support Kids’ Development

Discover how your littlens’ love for toy trucks is driving their growth and development, as we explore the purpose, target age and benefits of these classic play vehicles. 

Boy playing with mini toy trucks

What is the purpose of a toy truck?

The purpose of a toy truck transcends far beyond the fun factor! This treasured plaything has the power to unlock young imaginations and unleash children’s narrative thinking and social skills. It’s a gateway to a world where creativity, teamwork, problem-solving and sensory exploration come together in an exhilarating engine-revving adventure. With a truck toy or two at their fingertips, kids can transform their playroom into a hard-working construction zone, a thriving farmyard, a lively fire station, or a busy recycling centre! 

What are the benefits of toy trucks for toddlers?

Toy trucks and vehicles haul heaps of benefits for toddlers and kids, including enhanced creative thinking skills, imagination, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, collaborative skills, problem-solving, language development, social intelligence, fine and gross motor skills, and a better understanding of the world around them. All the while being a fun source of entertainment!

The benefits of toy trucks infographic

What age do kids play with toy trucks?

Kids typically develop an interest in toy trucks, cars and other play vehicles from around 18+ months. By this age, their grasp, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination will have evolved enough for them to be able to pick up and manoeuvre the trucks. At around 18-24 months, toddlers also begin to enjoy imaginative, open-ended play, and toy trucks are excellent instruments for this. 

9 New Toy Trucks Now In Stock 

Take a peek at our exciting new range of Mini Vehicles! All of these mini trucks are made from eco-friendly FSC® Certified wood (FSC-C147826) and are suitable for toddlers aged 12+ months.

Mini Fire Engine Truck Toy

Mini Red Fire Truck Toy 

Extinguish imaginary flames and rescue soft toys cats from your bunk bed trees with our Mini Fire Truck. This fire truck toy is built with robust rubber tyres and interactive features, such as a rotating ladder which your pocket-sized hero can raise and lower in playtime emergencies! If toy fire trucks are a favourite in your home, we have lots more where that came from in our fire rescue range.

Mini Toy Tractors

Mini toy tractors in red and blue

Ickle agriculturalists will adore these a-moo-sing Mini Tractors, designed to look just like the real thing. These charming toy tractors are available in blue or red, and both styles feature realistic rubber tyres with deep treads for navigating through muddy farmyard fields! They also come with a wooden farmer character, which kids can sit inside the driving seat or play with independently. 

Mini Recycling Truck Toy

Mini green recycling truck toy

Raise little eco-warriors with the help of our Mini Recycling Truck, a fun resource for teaching toddlers all about how recycling protects the environment. Sized for small hands, this recycle truck toy is built with a working dumpster and thick rubber tyres with treads, giving the wheels a sturdy grip on tricky terrains.

Mini Road Roller

Compact soil and sand with this Mini Road Roller, which is kitted out with a rotating roller on a steering axle, allowing it to pivot to the left and right. Like other construction trucks in our Mini Vehicles range, this wooden truck also features chunky rubber wheels with deep treads to give it a more realistic look. 

Mini Toy Crane Truck

Load and unload make-believe materials onto your sandpit construction site with our magnificent Mini Crane Truck. Equipped with a working hoist, budding builders can effortlessly lift and lower imaginary loads during their creative pretend play sessions. This mini truck can also travel across challenging terrains, from grassy gardens to pebbly beaches, with its durable rubber wheels

New wooden construction toy trucks in a sandpit

Mini Digger

Young excavator operators can tackle any playtime construction project with our Mini Digger! Dinky yet durable, this wooden digger toy has been designed with a yellow cab, rubber wheels, and a working arm and bucket for making muddy trenches in the garden and clearing sandpit debris! 

Mini Tipper Truck

Setting the scene for construction site adventures, this Mini Tipper Truck is perfect for transporting sand, soil and pebbles from A to B. It features a yellow cab, rubber wheels with treads and a functional dumper which lifts up and down for seamless deliveries! 

Mini Cement Mixer Truck Toy

Get ready to churn some cement at the Bigjigs Toys construction site with this handy Mini Mixer. Combining creativity and imagination, this wooden toy truck has been crafted with a revolving mixer and realistic rubber tyres to bring the pretend play possibilities to life.  

More From Our Toy Trucks Range

Girl playing with Green Toys Orange Tractor Toy

Rev up your children’s imagination engines and pique their interest with more marvellous playthings from our Car Toys & Vehicles collection. You’ll find everything in there, from stacking tractors and fire engines to cranes and car carriers!

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