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14 Thoughtful Valentines Gifts For Kids

14 Thoughtful Valentines Gifts For Kids

Valentine’s Day… you either love it, or hate it! Dividing the nation for decades, Valentine’s Day has always been a bit of a polarising celebration. Some welcome the festivities by showering their loved ones with flowers, chocolates and gifts, while others protest the pressure of the tradition. 

However, instead of picking sides, what if we made Valentine’s Day less about romantic love and more about celebrating all kinds of love? Precious family connections, friendships, self-love; let’s make it more inclusive! 

In this article, we explore how to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, and share our top picks for kids Valentines gifts.

Parents cuddling their daughter

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Family

Find out why Valentine’s Day is important for kids, what gifts children typically receive on this special day, and how you can make the occasion memorable for your little loves. 

Why is Valentine’s Day important for kids?

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to teach children all about love, friendship, kindness and affection. It can give kids a platform to express their feelings and develop their emotional intelligence, while building an understanding of the different kinds of love they may experience as they grow up. 

It’s also a great excuse to spend time as a family, strengthening the bond between you and your children and creating lasting memories your tots will cherish throughout their lives. 

How can I make Valentine’s Day special for my kids?

Make Valentine’s Day a special family affair by decorating your home with red and pink balloons, bunting and banners; planning some child-friendly activities such as baking, making Valentine’s cards and crafting confetti wreaths; serving up heart-shaped sandwiches or pizza slices for lunch; and expressing your love with lots of cuddles and heartfelt words to let them know how much they mean to you. 

Should you get your kids Valentine’s gifts?

Don’t feel any pressure to dish out gifts on Valentine’s Day, unless you want to. Valentines gifts for kids are far from a necessity, but if it’s a tradition you’d like to start, a small, thoughtful token of love is all it takes to make the day extra special for tiny tots. Gift-giving can also teach children the value of kind gestures and showing loved ones affection

Mum wrapping valentines gifts for kids

What do kids get for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine gifts for kids don’t need to be extravagant. Keep it simple with a handmade card and a packet of their favourite sweets, or treat them to a small toy you know they’ll love. It could be a soft doll, cuddly plush toy, colouring set, craft kit, squishy fidget toy, or you could opt for a family board game (which also doubles up as a fun Valentine’s Day bonding activity!). 

14 Valentine's Day Gifts For Kids

1. NeeDoh Squeeze Hearts: Introducing NeeDoh Squeeze Hearts and Teenie NeeDoh Squeeze Hearts! Brand new for 2024, these sweetie-themed fidget toys feature a cute message on top of a squishy love heart.

Teenie NeeDoh Squeeze Hearts Valentines gifts for kids

2. Pink 123 Engine: Accessorise your kiddie’s train set with this pretty-in-pink wooden train toy, complete with a matching carriage. 

3. Be Kind Lottie Doll: Teach your tots about empathy and kindness with this caring Lottie Doll, who wears a ‘Be Kind’ tee and sparkly love heart leggings. 

4. Mindfulness Colouring Set: Invite your kiddo to practise some self-love with a spot of mindfulness colouring. This all-in-one set from Tiger Tribe comes with a guidebook,  coloured gel pens, red tissue paper, pop-out activity pages and sticker sheets.

Girl playing with Mindfulness Colouring Set

5. Hobby Horse: Give your youngster a pony pal for Valentine’s! Hobby horses help littlens develop empathy and can teach them how to respect and care for animals. 

6. Pink Chef’s Outfit: Dress the part for some Valentine’s Day baking with our checkered pink and red Chef’s Set, which comes with an apron, oven glove, chef’s hat, rolling pin and 4 pastry cutters.  

7. Wooden Puzzle: Pick a puzzle featuring your child’s favourite animal or interest. We have a huge range of 150+ jigsaws with themes including farm, safari, dinosaurs, trains, tractors, space, sea life, mermaids, bugs and beyond! 

Boy playing with Dawn of the Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

8. Kira Soft Doll: Kira Doll is ready to meet her new BFF! Soft dolls are a great way to teach children about friendship and empathy, while giving young ones a sense of comfort and familiarity, so they make a perfect Valentine gift. 

9. Picnic Tea Set: Set up a pretend play Valentine’s picnic with this adorable Spotted Tea Set, featuring a tin teapot, 4 cups & saucers, side plates and teaspoons, all presented in a charming red wicker picnic basket. 

Girl playing with Spotted Tea Set kids valentines gift

10. CollectA Dog Figurine: Give the gift of unconditional love! Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’, so these miniature replicas make a thoughtful Valentine’s pressie for pet-loving littlens.

11. Heart Necklace Craft Kit: Perfect for a Valentine’s craft session, the Decorama Heart Necklane Kit comes with all the tools your junior jewellery designer will need to create their own pretty pendant. 

12. Loyal Companion Hayden Doll: Empowering kids to celebrate their differences, this diverse Lottie doll playset was inspired by Hayden, a space-loving little boy with autism. Hayden goes everywhere with his canine companion and wears headphones to keep loud noises at bay. 

Young Hayden holding Loyal Companion Lottie Dolls

13. LAVA Lamp (Red & Black): Lava lamps are back and this stylish red and black version is the ultimate Valentine’s gift for teens. The mesmerising motion fosters mindfulness and has the power to relieve stress and anxiety. 

14. Traditional Snakes & Ladders: Go head to head in a family game of Snakes and Ladders! Loved by children all over the globe, this classic wooden game is a Bigjigs bestseller. 

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