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10 Benefits Of Building Blocks For Kids

10 Benefits Of Building Blocks For Kids

The humble building block is a classic children’s toy that has stood the test of time! First invented in the 1800s, this 200-year-old toy continues to excite and educate kids all over the world. Join us to explore the benefits of building blocks and browse a few favourites from our baby and toddler range. 

What Are The Benefits Of Kids Building Blocks?

You might be wondering what kids can really learn from something so simple, but there’s a lot more to this modest Montessori toy than you might think…

Girl stacking colourful blocks

What does a child learn from building blocks? 

Building blocks are a powerful (and fun!) educational tool that can do wonders for a young child’s development, helping them to pick up and refine key skills such as:

1. Improved hand-eye coordination

2. Dexterity & motor skills

3. Enhanced concentration & attention span

4. Problem-solving abilities

5. Turn-taking & teamwork

6. Maths lessons (like patterns & symmetry)

7. Understanding of cause & effect

8. Speech & language development

9. Creativity & imagination

10. Knowledge of scientific concepts (such as gravity & balance) 

When should a child be able to build blocks?

All kids develop and grow at their own pace, but as a rough guide, toddlers between the ages of 16 to 18 months are often able to stack two or three blocks without them toppling over. This moves on to around six blocks by the time they are 22 to 24 months old, and 10 blocks by the age of three. 

Boy playing with natural wooden building blocks

What are the 7 stages of block play?

Kids tend to advance through the stages of block play in this order:

1. Discovering & carrying blocks

2. Stacking blocks

3. Building bridges & balancing

4. Making enclosures

5. Creating patterns

6. Constructing & naming structures

7. Advanced construction & planning 

How do you teach a child to build blocks?

Get involved and show your littlen how to do it by slowly stacking a few blocks on top of each other in front of them. Keep them engaged by making it playful, knocking the tower down or encouraging them to push it over themselves! The more they build and explore the blocks, the more their skills and confidence will blossom. 

Mum showing daughter how to stack wooden bricks

Our Favourite Building Blocks For Toddlers

Our childrens building blocks are made from premium quality materials and built to withstand years of active play with boisterous youngsters! Here are a few of our favourites.

My First Building Blocks

Introduce your tiny tot to different shapes and colours with their first box of Building Blocks. This set comes with 17 play pieces neatly stored in a small wooden box, designed with carry handles for little fingers to grasp. 

FSC Building Bricks For Kids

Children stacking FSC Wooden Bricks

Build, stack and roll! These sustainable Wooden Building Blocks are made from ethically harvested FSC® Certified wood, featuring soft neutral colours and patterned prints. The set comes with 50 bricks, including squares, triangles, cylinders, curves and more.

Natural Wood Building Blocks

Following the traditional Montessori approach of a natural wood look, these clever Click Blocks are ideal for building all sorts of impressive structures. Each of the 100 blocks clicks together firmly, so you won’t have to worry about your mighty fortress or sky-scraper tower falling over before construction is complete!

Pull Along Brick Cart

Our FSC® Certified Brick Cart comes with 29 wooden shapes and the added fun of a pull along cart to store them in. Pull along toys are excellent for motivating toddlers to get on the move, strengthening their muscles and enhancing their motor skills. 

Stacking Blocks Tower

Who will be the first to fall? This rainbow-coloured Stacking Tower is a family classic. Go head to head in a traditional game of Jenga, or simply stack the bricks high to see how tall you can build the tower before it crashes down! 

Recycled Plastic Building Blocks

Boy playing with Green Toys Block Set

If you’re looking for an alternative to wooden building blocks, Green Toys’ Building Block Set is made from 100% recycled plastic which makes them lightweight, durable and eco-friendly. The box comes with 18 colourful building blocks that have been re-engineered for easier grip and stacking action. 

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