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Top Dinosaur Toys For Kids

Robyn Marks 162 days ago

Take a walk (and play) on the prehistoric wild side! Although our dino-friends became extinct over 65 million years ago, dinosaur toys are still as popular as ever! Kids of all ages can enjoy jurassic fun with our roar-some dinosaur toys. 

Dinosaur toys for kids & toddlers are fun, interactive and nurture STEM skills. A recent study in the USA even found that children who develop a strong interest in dinosaurs grow up smarter and are more successful in later life. Let’s dive into our top dinosaur toy picks!

5. Dinosaur Toy Dominoes

Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dominoes

Match the friendly dinosaurs together with these 28 multicoloured Dinosaur Dominoes. Young learners are encouraged to layer down the correct dinosaurs and learn about the different dino species as they combine the dominoes. With 2-4 players required, it’s perfect for group play. 

4. T-Rex Wooden Chair

T-Rex Dinosaur Wooden Chair

Dinosaur enthusiasts will never be so excited to sit down! Our bright blue T-Rex Chair has a natural wooden seat and a back shaped like a tyrannosaurus rex! This wooden kids chair would look right at home in the playroom, bedroom or kitchen. Made from premium-quality, sustainable materials.The T-Rex chair can be paired with our Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and Pterodactyl chairs and Dinosaur Table.


3. Dinosaur Train Set

Dinosaur Train Set

Our Dinosaur Wooden Train Set is a fantastic dinosaur train toy! Wooden railways and dinosaurs all come together to make a vibrant prehistoric landscape. This 49 piece train set comes packed with wooden train track, a dino railway engine & two carriages, volcano tunnels and a selection of wooden dinosaurs. 


2. CollectA Dinosaur Toys

CollectA Toys

For top dinosaur toy replicas, look no further than CollectA dinosaurs! CollectA are the biggest manufacturers of toy animal replicas on the planet! Each dino toy is hand painted and looks just like the real thing. CollectA even used the help of UK palaeo imagery to create the biggest dinosaur line in the world! 


1. Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island

Our award-winning Dinosaur Island is dino-mite! Little fingers can explore the different textures of the chunky dinosaur shapes. Hide behind the waterfall, climb the volcano or balance on the rocky ledges; but watch out for the lava! This complete Dinosaur Toy Playset includes 8 dinosaurs, a nest and 2 eggs, a waterfall and a freestanding tree.

We’d love to see your little dino lovers enjoying their Bigjigs Toys dinosaur products, tag us @bigjigstoys in your photos on Instagram or @bigjigstoysltd on Facebook!

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