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Environmental Responsibility

We’ve always taken care to make sure our products are responsibly sourced, and our Director, Liz ,often visits the factories where our toys are produced to ensure all acceptable standards are being upheld. 


We’ve made some big changes in the last few years, and now over 80% of the Bigjigs range is packaged in packaging that is made from 90% recycled materials, and printed with soy inks. When choosing wood for our products we carefully assess the quality and durability to guarantee many years of play. A lot of our products are made from sustainably sourced rubberwood. Rubberwood is a byproduct of latex production and recycling this wood means we're helping reduce waste.

When it comes to designing our products our designers think outside the box to reduce plastic parts and components. We want our toys to stand the test of time, and manufacturing from wood gives the next generation the full value of a wonderful resource. 


Throughout our day to day operations the team make efforts to reduce our impact; we reuse boxes or buy recycled cardboard to send out orders. You won’t find any polythene in our parcels, in fact, when you receive an order from us, all of the packaging can go in your recycling.

Everyone in our office and warehouse works responsibly to make sure waste is minimal; and our appointed waste management team, Biffa, work with us to have our recycling picked up weekly. We work digitally where possible and 99% of our invoices and statements are emailed, paper is only ever used when a customer is unable to accept emails. 


Within our office we’ve done a lot to reduce our electrical use. All of our staff computers have power-saving features meaning when they’re not being used, they’re automatically switched off. We use LED lighting throughout our warehouse, offices and showroom areas. LED lights use up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. 

All of our electricity is produced via the 216 solar panels on our roof. The roofs on the Bigjigs warehouse has the perfect tilt and aspect for generating solar energy . We harvest more energy than we use and the extra energy is returned to the national grid. 

We’ve even thought about the small things… Any batteries used by staff are recycled, all our printer toner and cartridges are recycled and our staff use towels and air dryers in the bathroom to avoid overuse of paper towels.  

We’re always looking for more ways to reduce our impact and work more sustainably.