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World Poetry Day 2013

World Poetry Day 2013

Hello Bigjiggers, Some of you may, and some of your may not know that Thursday 21st March 2013 is world poetry day. We thought that we would share some of our favourite poems from the staff in the office. Enjoy! world poetry day4 My Cousin Fred by Gareth Lancaster He came, he saw, he trashed my room, He pushed, he shoved, he broke a broom! He sniffed, he snarled, I stood stock still, He biffed, he bashed, my drink did spill! He mumbled, he grumbled, he kicked my door, He grunted, he groaned, he stamped on the floor! He's evil, he's mean, but I like him this way, It's funny when my cousin Fred comes to stay! He's trouble, he's bad, but it works out for me, His thrashing and bashing just fills me with glee! As my mum and dad think that Fred's the bad egg, So I can be naughty and blame him instead! Food Fight by Ken Nesbitt We'd never seen the teachers in a state of such distress. The principal was yelling that the lunchroom was a mess. It started off so innocent when someone threw a bun, but all the other kids decided they should join the fun. It instantly turned into an enormous lunchroom feud, as students started hurling all their halfway-eaten food. A glob went whizzing through the air, impacting on the wall. Another chunk went sailing out the doorway to the hall. The food was splattered everywhere the ceilings, walls, and doors. A sloppy, gloppy mess was on the tables and the floors. And so our good custodian ran out to grab his mop. It took him half the afternoon to clean up all the slop. The teachers even used some words we're not supposed to mention. And that's how all the kids and teachers wound up in detention. I A'int Been to School by Robert Pottle I ain't been to school, not never before. That's all changin' now as I run through the door. I drool on my worksheet then chew on a book. I eat off the floor and growl at the cook. I drink from the toilet. I spill all the glue. I lick my new teacher and leak on her shoe. The principal says that I broke every rule. I just learnt the reason dogs can't go to school. Attack of the Vegetables by Gareth Lancaster Clouted by sprouts, And harassed by carrots! Poked by the beans, And screamed at by salad! Poisoned by cabbage, And pinched by the peas! Tripped by the spinach, And peppered with seeds! Hair pulled by parsnip, And bruised by tomato! Glared at by swede, And thumped by potato! Battered by beetroot, That pinch, punch and poke! Slapped by the onions, And Arti, who chokes! We hope that you and your little ones enjoy these as much as we did :-)

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